Free reading for Week 10

Free general reading for Week 10 from 8th of March until 14th of March 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

This week there is a possibility that you will need set more focus on your relationships may , a bit more than usual. Examining if the relationship still fullfil you, hold you in balance, equality and harmony. You may feel like you are somehow left out in the dark and cold, but try not to give into those feelings. If you find yourself on a side road, try to take this time to re-valuate your own belief systems about love and friendship, partnership and union. May it be when it comes to your loved ones, or even your relationship within community or government or money. If you curently worry too much about your financial situation, re-examine your relationship with money. If it is a relationship you are obsessing or worrying about, examine it why it drains you of your energy, and if it is at all worth it. Any relationship where you feel you are not on the equal side and don't feel that there is a balance between giving and receiving will need another look. Try not to get too caught up onto details, but rather feel how the relationship or partnership feel in your body. In order for you to have a stable and reliable connections, accros all areas of your life, one must face what is no longer serving you, accept things as they are and then let go of those connections which are long over-due. If it is a happiness and peace you seek, only balanced and equal unions will bring these qualities to you. When you declutter your physical, emotional and even mental space, you will make room for more abundance and manifestation of your dreams. All it to flow.

Have a great week everyone

Carpathian Witch

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