Free reading - Week 11

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

A general reading for week 11 (11th - 17th of March).

Hello beautiful souls,

We are asked to embrace our true nature this week. It might feel for some like you will have both feet left and are unable to do things right at the moment. If you feel like you are walking akwardly through your life, it is because you are meant to fly not walk. Soar above the troubles, don't feel embarassed or make yourself small in order for others to accept you. Be as you truly are, and the right people and right situations will welcome you with opened arms. Show to the world who you truly are. Don't be your worst enemy, but your true friend. Do you always say yes, even when you mean no, just for sake of others? Or that you won't feel alone or unaccepted? It might feel painful to maybe say no for the first time, but Eagle spirit is asking you to do so, to truly embrace the change - the personal Metamorphosis. You may have a tendency to see the worst in things, when something unexpected happens, but try to see above it, and see what good or positive can come out from it. You are meant to fly, to see the bigger picture, to discover, to live. Goddess Lakshmi is inviting you to enjoy the good fortune and prosperity which is available to you at all times. You may not see it from the perspective of the victim, You will only see it when you raise above and soar the skyes, when you start to be truly who you are. Laksmi says, there is plenty, and there is always enough. Enjoy all the good things you have in life at this moment, big or small, and don't forget to share your fortune with others and show gratitute. As with gratitute your fortune multiplies with ten fold.

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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