Free reading Week 14

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Free general reading for Week 14 from 01st of April unitl 7th of April 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

This coming week may bring some soul searching which may set you on quest. Maybe you thought that you were about to get that dream job, or that the guy you met is maybe the one, but it probably won't be just yet. Something is missing, and you will not be able to rest until you find it. It may take you down maybe a dark path, but don't give up. It may be hard, and it may cost you a bit more than you were willing to pay, but it will be worth it at the end. Many things will come into light because of it, and you will be glad you did it. It is also a time for easy movement, unhurried steps and steady heart. Slow down and take a leisure in things you do during a day. Don't rush anywhere this week, but take it slow and steady. You will get longer if you do. Have a bit of fun in the process. Cherish yourself and your loved ones. Hold your head high, and with gentle authority set healthy boundaries if you need to with those, who are dimming your light.

It feels like week 14 will be a week where you will need to take it slow, percolate a bit on things, while you continue on your journey towards your dreams knowing you are beautiful and worth every piece of it.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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