Free reading Week 17

Free general reading for Week 17 from 22nd of April until 28th of April 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

Week 17 will bring forth first rewards of the past weeks hard work. It will be a time where you might finally feel that all what you have done so far, was for a reason bigger than you first think of. You may start to see first signs of manifestation of your dreams. Be grateful and share your blessings. All these may leave you very generous and giving.

However, the week comes also with a gentle warning, not to burn yourself out. Especially if you are allowing yourself to be too consumed by thoughts or feelings which are draining you of energy, or by other people and what they might say about you. Compulsion and impulsiveness must be tempered this week. If you feel that you cannot control the fire within you, step back and let it cool of. Dont let others to dim your light neither.

Even thou this week will come with many blessings, it may leave you be overgiving. Remember to take care of yourself, and set healthy boundaries especially with energetic exchange of giving and receiving equally. It is ok to be also on the receiving end sometimes. Receiving gracefully with gratitude will not diminish you and show vulnerability. It is art of living fully by universal law of giving and receiving. Remember, when you are doing good in the world, let the world give back to you and support you. You are worth so it.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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