Free reading Week 18

Free general reading for Week 18 from 29th of April until 5th of May 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

Week 18 brings forth a time of many new possiblities but also a need for balance and harmony. We are reminded to make consious choices to keep us in balance this week. Because only when all is in perfect balance and harmony in our life, only then we can truly align ourself with Universal abundance. However, it is important to start within and then move towards what surrounds us. It will be important to trust our intuition and listen to our inner gut and act on it, even when situation will not seem logical. To be aware of second-guessing ourselves, knowing we can see beyond the surfice of anything right now. Paying attention to symbols or signs around us, as they will be very helpful, but only if we stay focused and balanced. We may find our inner strenght as well this week, which may surprise some. Gather all your power and you will be amazed what you can accomplish this week. Another message for this week for some may be, to expect positive resolutions in all disputes especially in legal systems.

This week can bring many new opportunities and fair resolutions, it will be however important to stay focused, balanced and trust our inner power and knowing for it to light the way.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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