Free reading Week 19

Free general reading for Week 19 from 6th of May until 12th of May 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

The beginning of Week 19 will bring forth some situations which may lead to crossroads, pushing us to change strategies, perspectives or opinions and to finally make that decision which have been put on hold the last few weeks. No matter what the final decision will be, the energies are positive with hopeful outcome. But before any decision will be made, it will be good to check the motives behind it first. Are you prepared to face the outcome, whatever it will be? Are you ready to act and stick with the final decision? If not, ask for help and you will receive the needed assistance. Trust, and you will get help from places you never imagine were even possible. You can achieve more in collaboration with others this week, so don't be afraid to ask for helping hand if situation requires it. By the end of the week, prospect will be very positive, and you will feel very hopeful and encouraged about the steps you took and decisions you’ve made. You will feel quite excited and inspired what they may bring forth. So don't be afraid to make up your mind and set some ambitious intentions this week. Take a leap of faith and start to take the first steps towards the new beginnings.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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