Free Spells - Building a new friendship

This spell may help you to gain a confidence and courage to make those first steps towards a desired new friendship with someone specific or just as a way to attract new friends, if you find yourself for example in a new and unfamiliar environment. Best performed during time of New Moon, which is ideal time for new beginnings and starting new long-term projects and relationships.

Before you start, consider what you want the outcome of the spell truly be. If you find that the spell didn't work, it may be a sign that in stead of searching for a new friendship, you may need to mend your old ones. Or if you started a friendship spell because you are shy, find the courage and do a love spell instead.

You will need following:

yellow candle preferably made of natural beeswax

carnelian gemstone

geranium essential oil

yellow colored bag or pouch

Yellow ribbon (about 23 cm long) - you will need to tie 9 knots, so study the ribbon before doing the spell to see where each know can be placed so there is an equal distance between each knot.

an offering - preferably some bird seeds or fruit

Anoit the candle with geranium essential oil and ingrave a name of the person in question into a candle (or write the name on a yellow piece of paper with yellow pen). Place a candle in a candle holder (if you wrote the name on the paper, place the paper under the candle holder). Place the candle holder in the north side of your home - it represents Earth element which will nurture this new relationship you want to build. Place the carmelian stone next to the candle and lit the candle.

Ask Goddess Aphoride, Artemis or Freya or any other Goddess of your choosing for her help and blessing. Hold the ribbon in your hands, stand before the burning candle and tie 9 knots with the ribbon. Imagine yourself enjoying the desired friendship. Take your time and really feel how it will make you feel when the desired friendship comes to reality. Each time you tie the knot, chant:

"By the power of three times three, new friendship I'll see".

When you are finished, place the ribbon next to candle (in a safe distance) and let the candle burn down. When it is finished, place the crystal, ribbon and any remaining wax into a small bag. Give thanks to any Goddess you asked for help and offer your offering by scattering the bird seeds or fruit in the park or garden. Carry the bag on your person as a talisman, until your desired friendship becomes the reality.

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Beeswax is naturally yellow and the work of bees in creating the wax itself is reminding us that any good relationship takes hard work, but the outcome is beautiful.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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