Free spells - Glamour spell

All of us have a time in life when we would like to appear to others in more beautiful or better way. This visualizing glamour spell may help you to get that little spark you desire.

You will need some rose absolute essential oil. The pure rose essential oil is quite costly thing, but dilution works just fine as well. Or if you have your favourite parfume, you can use this one as well, but it should be a real parfume. And you will need few pink candles and a mirror as well. Anoint the candles with either rose oil or your parfume. Not too much, just a little from the middle up and middle to bottom. You want the spell to go from inwards outwards. Sit comfortable in front of the mirror, put some of the essence on your wrists and place the candles between you and the mirror so they light your own reflection. Light the candles, quieten your mind and imagine yourself the way you want to appear to others. Imagine the pink and golden light surrounding you and making you glamourous. Breathe the essence of the oils. Imagine that your image is shifting and say:

"Beauty bright and beauty right, let me be seen in a new light"

When you finish, let the candles burn down and bury any remains in the garden.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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