Free Spells - Good news spell

This is a good spell for any beginner or anyone who would like to just practice to do some magic, to practice focusing on an intention with least effort but exciting results. It can be used on bringing general good news, and when you will be more experience, it can be used at more specific intention.

At the beginning use this spell regarding some general news, to see how fast you will see the results. More specific goals will make you anxious or impatient to see the results you desire. When you are done with the spell, release it and forget about it. Keep your eyes and ears open for good news, but trust that it will arrive for you without you having to be on the alert about it.

You will need following:

1 bright color spell candle - yellow, gold, orange or bright green

essential oil - bergamot, cinnamon or patchouli

Anoint the candle with a drop or two of the oil. Focus on the feeling of receiving some happy news from out of the blue. When you have a lock on the feeling, repeat the following words three times:

"Within three days arrives, a happy surprice,

to brighten my day, in a wonderful way"!

Then light the candle and seal the spell by saying "So let it be."

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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