Free Spells - How to make a Sage Wand

Sage wands are widely used for cleansing homes and objects of negative stagnant energy. Sage is also considered to be a healing potion, because it is very effective in cleansing auric field. Sage is also used for cleansing your altar and your magical tools.

You can make yourself sage smudging wands or wands from other non-toxic and hallucinogenic herbs like lavender, rosemary or cedar. You will need a string or yarn made of natural material, avoid synthetic ones.

Put herbs together with stems even at the bottom, put together long enough stalks so you can make it long enough for you to hold it and have space for it to burn. It should be also at least 2-3 cm thick. Start to wrap the stalks from the bottom up, tie it as compactly as possible, for even smoke, but also because herbs will shrink as they dry. Hang it and let it dry out for about 2 weeks.

When it is ready, just burn the top for a while and then blow it out so it can smolder.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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