Free Spells - New job or career charm

When you need a little help in job-hunting or you are ready for a brand new career, this little charm can come handy. Best done on Sunday in hour of Jupiter (look up planetary hours in Google) or on Thursday in hour of Sun.

You will need small yellow or orange bag or pouch, one piece of carnelian crystal, parchment paper or a brown paper, pen and mix of prosperity herbs like cinnamon, nutmeg, cedar or cinquefoil. Find a quiet place, calm your mind and place all herbs in front of you. Picture yourself the type of job you want to attract. Write on the piece of paper something like that:

"I am (job titel or position). I earn (salary pr. month/year). As I will. so mote it be. "

Fold the paper towards you three times, put it into bag together with the crystal and herbs. Hold the bag in your hands and imagine the satisfaction of having and being successful in the job you love. Repeat what you wrote on the piece of paper aloud.

Carry this charm with you, if the scent is too strong place it in the north corner of your house (prosperity accordning to feng shui). Once you have the job you want, bury all the content in the garden.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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