Free Spells - Removing negativity at your home

This spell is especially good during a New Year or when you feel that there are places or a room at your home which seems to be holding to some unwanted negative energy. You can also made this spell when you have just moved in to a new home, or make it as a part of a cleaning and cleansing of your home or before holidays which can help you to get it rid off of stagnant energy. This spell is also great to cleanse an air after a big fight or to get rid of an energy of unwanted guest.

You will need plenty of lemons and some fresh garlic. Do this ritual during evening.

Cut the lemons in half and put one piece of garlic on top of each half of the lemon. Place one half of the lemon with one garlic (by fresh side down) in each corner of the room or in each corner of the house if you do this ritual as a whole house cleansing. In each windowsill and door corners.

Check in the morning each lemon for a color or any visibility change. The negativity of the space will be shown in the visibility change in lemons placed in that room. Repeat the process in those places which shown a change, until you end up with a clear lemon and garlic. It will mean that the negativity has been lifted.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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