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Updated: Mar 12

This spell is very effective when you need to forget someone, someone who hurt you or someone who done you wrong or someone who betrayed you. This spell will not add any magic into your life, but rather it will help you to change your mind and help you to suppress your thoughts and memories. And as you do this to yourself, so will the other person's thoughts and memories go.

You will need:

1 red candle

2 white candles

and 1 piece of paper.

This spell is best done on Wanning Moon (a period from Full moon to New moon). As the Moon grows smaller, so will your thoughts and memories dissappear. Write a full name of the person in question who you want to forget on the piece of the paper.

Place the white candles left and right from the red candle. Light the red candle and then the two white candles from left to right.

Set the paper aflame (from red candle) and chant three times:

"As you leave my life, I leave behind my pain.

As you turn to dust, so does all my hurt.

As I leave you in my past, I leave you with my sorrow.

I burn (you - the name of the person) so it shall be,

Cast out of my memory.

Your memory erased from my mind, no longer held by the constrains of time.

I accept this made manifest, so shall it be!"

Let the paper burn out in a heatproof dish and blow away the ashes in a safe manner away from you. The spell is now done. Blow your candles and thank the gods and goddesses for their assistance. Leave an offering in a form of bird seeds and give it to birds in the nature.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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