Free Spells - Spell to see justice done

When performing this spell keep in mind that even though the spell may be successful, you might never know. If for example you use it in a bad situation at work, and it may seem as if nothing had happened to the work colleague, when in fact the colleague was punished behind the closed door instead. This spell can be used in court cases, but also in situations where there is an unfair treatment, be it at work or bullying at school.

You will need a black candle and handful of dry or fresh eyebright herb.

Light the candle on your altar or any sacred place and visualize the bad person being fairly judged. Sprinkle eyebright herb in a square shape in an counter clockwise motion around the candle while chanting:

"Holy Father, Goddess Divine,

I asked justice at your sacred shrine,

Please let the ..... hear,

Make his/her mind open, lend me his/hers ear,

Make the judgment fair

I ask, as I finish this square!"

The magic of the spell will start to work immediately and will finish when the issue in question is resolved. You may know it directly or indirectly depending on your situation.

When it is ready, just burn the top for a while and then blow it out so it can smolder.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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