Free Spells - Wealth increasing Spell

This wealth increasing spell can be used for ongoing wealth increase, especially for long-term manifestation goals. So if you have a dream which requires a lot of amount of money, use this spell. It can be used for a prelong period of time, recharged by every Full Moon.

You will need following:

1 middle size glass jar

1 pyrite stone

1 quartz gemstone

3 silver and gold coins

1 nutmeg

1 cinnamon stick

and some dry basil

You can add anything else which you feel will represent wealth or the dream you want to manifest. Be it a small house, or a small car or a suitcase for vacation. Make sure that the number of different items you put into jar ends up to be an odd number. You may even paint the jar in mint green and gold color to attract more wealth.

During each Full Moon place, open the jar and place it on your window sill for it to absorb the Full Moon light and charge it. Ligh either green, gold or white candle and repeat three times:

"By the green of the Earth, Air, Water and Fire,

may the Moon's light attract the wealth I desire".

Close the lit in the morning. You may do it during all 3 days where the moon is Full. Recharge it next Full moon again. Disasemble the items as your wealth increses. Don't forget to give thanks as your wealth grows.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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