Free spells - Weight-loss spell ritual

This Spell is great to perform on a new Moon, especially during Friday, and during hour of Venus. It is designed to help you to overcome the emotions that prevent weight loss.

You will need rosemary or lavender body wash, as natural and organic as you can find. You can also make your own, just blend sea or Himalaya salt with fresh or dry herbs and essential oils. Then you will need rosemary and lavender essential oil, blue and pink candle, two pieces of parchment paper, pen, heatproof dish and a mirror. A tip: to find an hour of Venus when to perform the spell, go online and search for "planetary hours" in many astrological sites. Usually you will get 2-3 possibilities during a single day when the hour is ruled by Venus. Make all things ready and take a bath or a shower and wash yourself with the rosemary or lavender body wash. Let the wash dry naturally, don't use the towel. Stand naked, you may cast a circle if you wish. Invoke a goddess Aphrodite to assist you with this spell by saying "I seek your assistance to recognize my own beauty and restore my body and my health". Anoint the blue candle with rosemary oil, light it and write down on one piece of paper all your eating triggers. Then say "These triggers no longer hold sway over me. Food has no power over me". Light the paper and let it burn in the heatprof dish. Then anoint the pink candle with lavender oil and light it. Stare into mirror and repeat this 3 weight loss charm 9 times.

"I have power over food, food does not rule me.

My body is a gift and I respect it.

I see the beauty in myself and reflect it to the world."

Write them down once on the second piece of the paper. Thank the goddess Aphrodite, place the paper with the weight-loss charms on your fridge or next to foods or things which triggers you. Let both candles to burn down and bury any remains in the garden.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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