Free Spells - YES and NO divination spell

This divination technique is a quick way how to get your answers using a one simple apple. Apples are sacred to Witches, holding its seeds in a shape of pentagram inside. The idea of this divination relies on the appearance of the pentagram after the apple is sliced in half.

This spell can be used for any question at any time, but it is particularly good for matters of romance and during the Autumn harvest season. Be sure to either eat the apple afterwards, or put it into compost so the magic doesn't go to waste.

You will need following: 1 apple, a knife and 1 spell candle.

Choose the colour of the candle according the energy of your intention. Use pink for question for love, green for money or blue for health. See here about the colours and their uses in spell magic. Light the candle, get clear about your question, while holding the apple in your hand. Assign one possible answer to the top half of the apple and the other to the bottom half. The best questions are yes and no questions. Slice the apple horizontally in half, so that you can see the pentagram. If the seeds are all in one half of the apple, than you have your answer. If the seeds are split between the two halves or they fall out, that means there is not enough information for a clear answer yet.

Save the seeds, either plant them or scatter them in the garden, while giving thanks for the answers, no matter what it is. Bury any wax remains of the candle in the earth.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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