Free Reading - Week 6

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Reading for week 6 (4th of Februar - 10th February 2019)

Energies of this week are challenging and a new moon in Aquarius may bring forward feeling of struggle, or feeling of not enough. If you feel that all doors are being shut or that you cannot face the reality as it is, let go. Let go of fighting or being right. It is time for an extreme self-care and surrendering to somerging higher than yourself. Try this approach before you throw yourself on something extreme again, which will only continue to exhaust you. Obsessive thinking or addiction will only lead to repetitive behaviour. If you catch yourself doing same thing over and over again just to expect a different result, it is time to let go. Step out of the denial and try to face the reality as it is. You’ll be glad you did it. All that glitters isn’t gold, and is time for you to seek the truth and stay authentic to who you are. Choose the right way for you, the one which will truly inspire and nurture you, not the most easier or the most obvious. Step into your own power with an clear intention where you want to go from now on. And all be well.


Carpathian Witch

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