General Lunar Eclipse Reading

During partial Full Moon Eclipse on 16th of July where Moon was in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer, we are asked to make sensible decisions as we are going to enter a 1½ year time of transformation. It will be a time to dedicate this time to your dream and to do the actual accomplishment part of them. The Eclipse will bring forth power of Saturn who rules our past live's karma, our destiny and our sense of responsibility and power of Pluto who will intensify all the energy and help us to release what must go, so we can experience the long expected rebirth. This Eclipse will put in center what we consider as our family and home and how we can combine all what we love within our career and responsibility. This sense and need for balance will be with us all for the next 18 months.

So in order to fully participate and have a success during those next months you need to master your ability to reason and strategize (Capricorn), to take things at face value and follow the logical path. Know that things are exactly as they seem and that you have all the information you need. Keep it simple and you will be on the winning side of the game. In order to get all the support you need during this period you need to be also teachable and flexible. Any rigidity will hinder the progress to get where you want to be later on. What is necessary during this time is to be willing to learn new things, but to also stay firmly grounded in who you are. Be open minded, but stay true to the common sense as well. Balance, curiosity and staying open will take you where you need to go. And if you remain flexible, others will be more flexible with you too. In order to be fully connected and to trust that the Universal abundance is also there for you, you need to trust your intuition, to your inner knowing, to stay connected to the Divine and your Higher self (Cancer). Go beyond the extraordinary, past the chaos of everyday, and trust your gut and heart's language. Pay also attention to your dreams, as you may get a lots of guidance through them. Remember, not all is as it seems, so go inward for answers if you are confused and don't know what is right and wrong. Gather the information, be willing to receive and let others to act first if needed. Allow the world to show you its intentions first, then make your decision. During this time it is a good time to let go of doubt and mistrust. Believe in magic and that coincidence is actually a sign for you that you are on the right track. Trust that anything is possible, no matter how impossible it looks like at first. Be aware of synchronicity, and how the right people, situations and things are magically finding their way to you to help you to achieve what you have been waiting and working so hard towards the past few months. Believe in magic and you cannot help but to see it. Expect the unexpected it and be prepared to be amazed!

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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