Greek Goddesses

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Aphrodite - Goddess of love

Aphorodite is ancient Mediterranean Mother Goddess and a Greek Goddess of romantic love. She was a daughter of Sky God Uranus and it is said that Aphrodite was born from sky and sea foam, fully grown. Many admired her for her beauty and when she joined other Gods on Mount Olympus, Zeus married her to Hephaestus, the lame God of smith-craft who made her exquisite jewelry. But Aphrodite had many affairs with other gods including the God of War Ares or Messenger God Hermes. But she loves also many mortal men, for example beautiful Adonis. Many worshiped her, especially on the island of Cyprus. For those who prayed to her, she would grand the love they desired. She would be compel both humans and gods to fall in love. She conceived a son with a mortal Archises. Her son Aeneas would became a first hero of Rome.

Artemis - Goddess of hunt and the moon

Artemis is the Greek goddess representing the Feminine in all aspects, she is also a Goddess of the moon, childbirth, often portrayed as a virgin huntress with a bow and arrows. She was a daughter of Zeus and Goddess Leto. Zeus's jealous wife Hera, punished Leto with difficult labor of twins Artemis and Apollo. Artemis already there served her mother as the midwife. She is often called upon by midwives for swift delivery. When Artemis was a little girl, her father, Zeus asked her what she wanted. Artemis asked only to run forever wild and free with her hounds in the woods. Zeus granted her the wish for hunting weapons, space to roam and her wish for eternal chastity. Artemis is a beautiful huntress who protected animals as she roamed the fields, forests and mountains in the moonlight. She is also a protector of virgins and the mother of all wildlife. She is fierce elusive but also destructive. She is a defender of young girls, her arrow never missed the target. Her temple at Ephesus (Turkey) is one of the Seven Wonders.

Athena - Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and justice

Greek Goddess Athena is patron of intellect and strategy. She is one of the most powerful of the ancient Greek goddesses. She is a daughter of Zeus and Metis. Before Athena was born, Zeus were told that one of his and Metis children would kill him. He swallowed Metis to protect himself, but he couldn't contain Athena. She emerged from Zeus fully armed and powerful. She is often portrayed with the owl sitting on the shoulder representing wisdom, and a serpent, symbol of fertility. Athena's brilliance of reason was said to be as penetrating as he clear, grey eyes. Even thou she was wanted by many, she remain unattached, preferring intellect over the romance. She was also skilled in art of battle, she would guide her champions in battle, during times of was with strategic thinking. But she valued peace over discord, so she protected those who needed protection. She helped Perseus to stay Medusa. During times of peace she sill help with pottery and other crafts.

Demeter - Goddess of Nurturing, Feelings and Emotions

Demeter is Greek Goddess of grain, motherhood and the harvest. Her name means "doorway of the mysterious feminine". She is one of the eldest gods. She is a founder of agriculture and founder of a social order. She is often portrayed with sheaf of wheat, which represents abundance and cycle of death and rebirth. She is a devoted mother of Persephone who got captured by Hades, god of the Underworld. Demeter refused to return to Mount Olympus and her grief for her daughter caused a winter season on Earth. Demeter's grief for her daughter caused a great famine on Earth. Zeus persuaded Hades to return Persephone to Demeter, but only for six months of the year, during which the Earth produces grain and harvest. Demeter is a part of triple Goddess union, her daughter Persephone is the maiden, Demeter is the mother and Hecate the crone.

Gaia - Goddess of Earth

Gaia is a Greek Goddess of the Earth and the original mother of all gods. She was a mother of Titans who reigned the Earth before the Gods of Mount Olympus. Her children embody the natural world: God of sea Pontus, God of sky Ouranos and Typhon is a monster with 100 heads representing the destructive power of earth's volcanoes. She became a wife of her son Ouranos. Legend says, Ouranos would lie so close to Gaia that she couldn't give birth to her children. So her other son Kronos castrated his father, and thus separated Earth from the Heaven, making room for a new life to come. In ancient Greece Gaia was called upon when raising small children and growing young plants.

Hecate - Goddess of the Crossroads, Choice and "In-between"

Hecate is an ancient pre-Greek Goddess of crossroads, birth, fertility, magic and the time "in-between". She is also a Thracian Moon Goddess. Her name means "she who has power far off". Her power reached beyond human world, but reaches supernatural world of ghost, demons and witches. She guides the souls who were stuck in underworld between death and afterlife. In living world she would be evoked to help with childbirth or other important transitions. She is associated with the dark moon (3 days before the new moon) and the underworld. She illuminated the blackness of the night and the mystery of the unknown. People would honor her and leave her offerings on places where three roads crossed. She would walk there on dark moon accompanied by three headed hounds. She is a crone aspect of triple Goddess, where Persephone is the maiden and Demeter the mother aspect. She helped Demeter when she was searching for her lost daughter Persephone. Hecate guided Demeter to the sun god Apollo to find out the about her disappearance. Once Persephone became a queen of Underworld, Hecate served as her companion in the darkness.

Hera - Goddess of Alliance

Hera is best known wife of Zeus, she is a ruling goddess of Mount Olympus. Hera was a powerful goddess even before she became Zeus's wife. She is a goddess of marriage. Her name means "a great lady". She represents 3 aspects of a woman - a maiden, a wife and a widow. People, during spring would honor her by bathing her to resurrect her virginity, during summer and autumn, they would celebrate her marriage and during winter her separation from her husband. Her marriage to Zeus is often portrayed as unhappy and Hera as very jealous. Even thou Zeus had many affairs and many consorts, Hera never allowed any other to take her place and diminish her power. Once Hera went into hiding as she grew tired of Zeus's endless affairs. Zeus tried often to win her back, sometimes with silly gestures. Hera's totem animal is a peacock, and the eyes on the peacock feathers are a symbol of Hera's watchful nature.

Hestia - Goddess of Hearth and Home

Greek Goddess Hestia is so ancient that she is invoked by simply lighting a fire in your hearth. She is the first daughter of Titans, Rhea and Kronos, her siblings are Demeter, Hera, Hades and Zeus, who later challenged their father and overthrew the Titans. Hestia refused to get married and remained a virgin. She is considered a center of civilization, because she represents center of home and community. No meal could be eaten without her, her fires transformed the ingredients and food into nourishment. As the eldest of Goddess, she gave up her seat at Mount Olympus's banquet to new God of ecstasy and wine Dionysus. She chose to stay behind to tend the hearth of her home instead. Zeus rewarded her commitment by granting her the best part of the house - right at the hearth, where the sacrifices and offerings were made.

Iris - Goddess of Communication

Iris is a winged messenger of all Greek gods. She delivers messages between heavens and Earth, and always when she passes by it is marked by a rainbow. Her mother is a cloud nymph Elektra and her father is a sea god Thaumus, and her sisters are the Harpies. She would deliver messages from Gods to mortals, by changing her appearance and voice. She runs errands for Hera, or a Greek goddess Juno, sliding down by the rainbow.

Metis - Goddess of Wisdom

Metis is a wise goddess of the Titans, a first wife of Zeus, before he married Hera, overthrown Titans to rule on Mount Olympus. Her name means "a wise counsel", and it was Metis who advised Zeus how to defeat Titans and became a new leader of all Gods. She loved Zeus very much and was extremely loyal to him. She even allowed him to swallow her while she was pregnant with his twins, Apollo and Athena. Zeus was told that one of his children will take his place as ruler of Mount Olympus, so he decided to follow his father's footsteps and swallowed his wife and his children. Athena escaped from Zeus's body and rejected her mother for her weakness towards Zeus. Metis disappeared from Greek mythology, like other women whose legacies has been forgotten. But she could never be erased, as she kept guiding and counseling Zeus from his belly.

Mnemosyne - Goddess of the Past

Mnemosyne is a beautiful Greek goddess of memory. She was one of Zeus's consorts. She is best know as a mother of nine Muses who inspires those who depend on memorization to create their crafts and preserve traditions like poets, comedians, dancers or other artists. A word itself - memory and mnemonic- deprives from Mnemosyne's name, describing something that assists with memory.

Nike - Goddess of Ambition

Nike is a Greek goddess of Victory, swift ability to overcome any obstacle and ambition. She wears wings of the messenger as her crown and a wreath of bay laurel a symbol of victorious warrior. She is a daughter of goddess Styx, a personification of river on which a boatman brings dead souls into Underworld. Her father was one of the Titans, a God Pallas. Her siblings were Titan god Kratos a god of strength and Bia a goddess of Force. Nike and her family was among the first Gods who joined Zeus on a Mount Olympus after his victory over Titans. Zeus rewarded them for their loyalty with gifts and vowed to keep Nike and her siblings at his side.

Nyx - Goddess of Secrets of the Night

Nyx is an ancient Goddess of Greece, before Titans and Gods of Mount Olympus. She is a daughter of Chaos and was a consort to her brother Erebus, God of Darkness. She is a mother of twin brothers, God of Sleep Hypnos and God of death Thanatos. She represents the secret of the night, she is its mystery, cloaked in dark of night with star crown shining brightly around her head. But because the darkness cannot exist without light, she is also a mother of Aether, Goddess of Light and Goddess of the Day Hemera. It is said that Hemera and Nyx lived together in Underworld, however, never in the same time. At the dusk, Hemera arrived on her chariot into Underworld, passing by her mother Nyx who pull the darkness behind her into the world. She returned again to Underworld at dawn, passing only Hemera on her way out.

Persephone - Goddess of Inexperience

Persephone is a lost daughter of Great Greek goddess Demeter and King of Gods, Zeus. She was kidnapped by God Hades and became a queen of Underworld. She portrays youth and naivety, depicted as slender and beautiful maiden. She was carelessly picking flowers, distracted by a beautiful god Narcissus. Fulled by her father, she was abducted by Hades who kept her in underworld against her will. Her mother Demeter refused to nurture the earth as a refusal to accept that her daughter was lost. Because of great famine which struck the Earth, Demeter, with help of Hecate found her daughter in the underworld. Before returning her to her mother, Hades tricked her to eat some pomegranate seeds which robbed her of her innocence and forcing her to stay with Hades 6 months, while she was allowed to spend another 6 months on Earth. She embraced her fate and became a just ruler of Underworld, guiding and helping the living to meet their death. She represents a renewal life, the seasons of the year as well.Together with her mother Demeter and Goddess Hecate she represents three aspects of Triple Goddess, her being the maiden part, Demeter the mother and Hecate the crone.

Rhea - Goddess of Flow

Rhea is another ancient Greek goddess, before time of Gods of Mount Olympus. She is a daughter of Ouranos and Gaia, titan Gods representing Heavens and Earth. She was a consort to her brother Kronos, She is a mother of Gods of Olypmus, Great Goddesses Hestia, Demeter and Hera and Gods as Poseidon, Hades and Zeus. While pregnant with Zeus, Rhea's consort Kronos swallowed all her children, fearing that they would challenge his rule. She hid Zeus in cave, guarded by nymphs and young warriors. They were able to keep Zeus hidden out of Kronos sight long enough for Zeus to grow up and free his siblings from his father's belly. Zeus won against his father and became a new ruler of all Gods with his wife/sister Hera. Rhea's name means "flow" and she represents the flow of new generation of Gods who would eventually rule the world. She represents the force behind the water and how to overcome any obstacle put in your way.

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