Witchy tip - January Supermoon Blood Moon or The Wolf Moon

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Moon goes full between 20-21st of January this year, and it will not be only a first Full Blood moon this year, but also a Supermoon with the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo.

The first Full moon is also called The Wolf Moon named by native cultures representing a time of howling wolves. Because the Moon during this time resembles the blood, it is also called The Blood moon.

Energies are very special and strong. It would be an excellent time to make spells or spiritual work regarding your own spiritual development. Use the power of the Wolf, the teacher to learn and explore more about yourself. It is an excellent time to let go of old bad habits and lifestyles as well.

If you need some answers, its is a good time to do a divination during this Full Moon. Monday would be excellent for it. Take a spiritual bath and think of your question. Be very specific and you will receive very direct answers.

Bright Blessings

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