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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Knot or cord spells are old, but very powerful magical rituals. Their meaning is to tie your intention into each knot, and then releasing them by time. All you will need is a simple cord, either 9 feet or 9 inch long. You can also chooose it in colour accordning to what you will use the cord spell for. For example red for extra energy or manifestation, pink for love, green for prosperity, purple for strenghtening your psychic abilities or black for protection. You can also use your own hair, to make it more personal and therefore more powerful.

Get your cord and start to make knots with following chant:

By knot of One this spells begun,

By knot of Two, it cometh true,

By knot of Three, so mote it be,

By knot of Four, this power I store,

By knot of Five, this spell is alive,

By knot of Six, this spell I fix,

By knot of Seven, this spell I leaven,

By knot of Eight, it will be fate,

By knot of Nine, what's done is mine.

It can be knot in which ever order you choose, but for it to work, you must remember where each knot lays, when you start to untie them.

For evenly tied knot the tratidional pattern is used: 1-6-4-7-3-8-5-9-2

Moon phases are very important when you decide to untie the knots, and therefore releasing the spell. So if you want to gain something by this knot spell, the first knot should be untied just after New moon, and by untiying one knot a day or so it can come to its manifestation by Full Moon. If you want to banish something, you should start to untie the first knot when the moon is in waning phase.

Bright Blessings


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