Free spells - Love spell

For this spell you will need a pink bowl, sugar, rose petals, dried white rice, 1 piece of rose quartz, a piece of red cloth in shape of heart, 3 drop of ylang ylang and 3 drops of patchouli essentail oil. Also 3 drops of rose essential oil (5% rose absolute is sufficient as real rose oil can be quite costly), and piece of pink paper and a red pen.

Write on the piece of paper with red pen 7 times in what form you want to manifest your true love. State if it is a male or a female, what qualities this person should have and how you wish this person should make you feel. Try to avoid to do the spell for a specific person, but rather be willing to be open minded to let universe choose the right person within the right timeframe.

Place the rose quartz in the bottom of the bowl, mix equal amount of rose petals, rice and sugar and cover the crystal with it. Take a heart from a cloth, drop 3 drops of each essentail oil and put into the mixture until covered. Add your petition (pink paper) and cover it with more rose-rice-sugar mixture until covered. Focus, while you are doing all this on the person you wish the universe to bring your way.

You may also lid a pink, red and green candle for an extra energy boost. Pink will attract energy of love, red the passion and green the energy of commitment.

Place it on your altar or any special place, but make sure no one is messing with it.

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Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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