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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Manifestation box is a great little tool which can help you manifest any of your big or small dreams into reality. Manifestation boxes are great especially for long term dreams where a lots of ongoing manifestation is needed. All you need is a clear intention what you want to manifest and few other things, often easily found around the house. The best time to start you manifestation box is on Full moon.

For example you want to buy a new car. Think clearly what you desire but be realistic. Know how much money you’ll need and within what time frame. For example you’ll need $10.000 for the desired car and you would like to manifest it within next 12 months.

To make a money manifestation box, you'll need a middle sized wooden box with lid. You can decorate it as you desire, using your creativity on the box makes it truly yours and it will give it a lots of your energy. You could paint money signs on it, or decorate it with pictures of that desired car. Or you may leave it as it is. Choice is yours. You‘ll need some blue flag root, few pieces of magnetite crystal, fools gold crystal, brown piece of paper, black pen and some gold or green magnetic sand.

When end you are finished with decorating your box, smudge and cleanse it, you can also bless it. Write in few words on the piece of brown paper what you wish to manifest, be clear and precise. Put the paper in the box, add handful of blue flag root (you can get it in my shop), put crystals in it and add a handful of magnetic sand as well. You can also put a picture of the car you want to manifest also. Let it charge in Full Moon light during night. Then place the box at some nice visible place and “feed” the box a handful of magnetic sand every 3 days or so until you manifest the amount needed.

You can can change the ingredients depending on what you wish to manifest. Or adding things which matters into your manifestation box as you go along.


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