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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

I will share with you my quick money spell. This spell is great for an emerency purposes up to 100-200$, when you have an unexpected bill showing up. It is important that you are clear what amount you need, and be reasonable about the time frame you want to manifest the amount. It is also important to help the magic to help you, meaning not to just wait for the money to magically show up, but to try your best to create the best opportunities for it to come your way. If you have a business, make more effort to attract more customers, if you are employed, ask for extra hours or buy a lottery ticket...

What you need is a green beeswax candles, basil essential oil, bergamot essential oil, brown piece of paper and a pen.

Write on the piece of brown paper 9 times the amount you need. Anoint the beeswax candle with basil and bergamot oil. Put the candle in candle holder and place the paper under the candle holder. Light the candle and repeat 9 times ...."bring me xx amount within xx days/weeks"

Let the candle burn for about 15 mins. Repeat the process again the next day unitl you acumulate the amount need.

Blessed be

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