Spirit Animals (R-W)

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Rabbit (Hare) - Now is a lucky time, Fertility and New life

Rabbit or Hare is known for its ability to procreate, its ability to make great leaps and hops. People with rabbit as a totem animal may find that their endeavors will come and go in simillar movements. The hare is a symbol of fertility, ambition, finesses and the moon gazing. Rabbit and hare are associated with "in-between" time or time from dawn to dusk or faery realm. When a rabbit or a hare comes to your life and you have started some endeavor, know that it will take about 28 days from the beggining to the end to manifest it. You may see events occruing in long leaps or hops, not really steady, but usually will change within a 28-day period. Rabbit people should plan for possiblities, and checking what has been already set in motion. Its advice is not to show your next moves, act as you are not seen. Check also your diet for strenghtening and healing. When a rabbit shows up, pay attention and recognize signs around you, attune your day-to-day life to a lunar cycle, it will help you with more steadfastness.

Rhino - Overcome any obstacle, Ancient wisdom

Rhinos are solitary animals, ancient survivors form times long gone. They birng forth the energy of comfort in own's solitude. They are the ultimate symbol of "knowing yourself". Rhino lends those who has him as their totem animal greater sensitivity of the smell - a symbol for application of higher wisdom. If rhino has shown up in your life you need to examine your innate sense of discrimination. Are you trusting your inner wisdom? Are you not trusting you own learning progress? Are you maybe looking only for appearances and refusing to see beyond the superficial? Rhino asks you to look for the ancient wisdom and how you could assimilate it into your own life. Rhino will help you to put your life into a better perspective, by helping you how to apply any ancient wisdom into the present time.

Scarab beetle - Magic works through you, Resurrection

The beetle is one of the most varied of insects. The scarab beetle or in other words the sacred beetle had a great significance in Ancient Egypt. It is associated with the Sun and its movements, because the beetle will roll its ball always from east to west, laying eggs within it and burying it into the earth for the young to emerge. The scarab beetle is a symbol of new life and sun deities. It itself goes through a tremendous metamorphosis during one life. The phase where its wings get harden may indicate for those whose totem is the Sacred beetle to be more protective or that they are maybe too closed off. If the sacred beetle has shown into your life it is time to examine the meaning of change and where in process are you to embrace the change. Maybe you need simply more sunshine, or need to leave past behind.

Skunk - Know your worth, Sensuality, Respect and Self-Esteem

Skunk is one of the most misunderstood mammals. Many show great respect to skunk for it can do. That is exactly what skunk comes to teach you - give respect, expect it and demand it as well. Skunk moves in his own way, speed and mind thoughout its life, with self-confidence and self-assurance. Skunks are fearless, but very peaceful. They will always give a warning before spraying. If skunk is your totem, it might teach you how to get more attention without being arrogant and irritating, or to help you how to deal with such people in your life. Skunk people must learn to balance the ability to draw and repel people. There is a best time for both, it can teach you when is the right time for each. It can also teach you to be silent when you need to, so you won't push others away. It can also teach you when its best to be noticed, and how to go without being noticed. When a skunk shows up in your life, know you will get an opportunity to bring out the your ability for showing or gaining respect and boosting your self-esteem. Examine your self-image, know you are going to get noticed, and remembered and all that can be controlled by you.

Snake - Time to heal, rebirth, resurrection, Initiation and Wisdom

Snake is surrounded with great controversy and paradox, often argued if it is a symbol of higher or lower force. It is portrayed as s symbol of Devil but also as a symbol of Healer. Snake is a symbol of transformation, alchemy and wisdom expressed through healing. It is also a symbol of the sexual and creative life force within humans. Because snakes shred their skin, they are representation of death and rebirth. If a snake shows to you as your totem, you can expect a transition, in sense of death and rebirth in some area in your life. Ask yourself if you might be needing to make some changes, examine what is happening in your life. Maybe you are trying to force changes too quickly? Is there anything which needs to be healed? Are you maybe striking those around you, or are you not striking even if you should? Snake can be also a sign that your creative energy, your kundalini energy is awakening. If a snake is your totem, you may tend to use your eyes to mesmerize and look into the hearts and souls of others, but it may also indicate that you need to look closely into your own heart and soul. You maybe also extremely sensitive to smell and fragrances. When a snake comes into your life, it is a time to look into your new powers of creativity and wisdom.

Spider - Make your dreams real. Creativity and the Weaving of Fate

There is a lot of lore and myths around the spider. It was associated with Goddess Maya as a weaver of illusion, it has connection with Fates and cutting threats of life. It is connected to symbol of Infinity, circle and Wheel of Life, the spiral energy. Spider teaches you to maintain balance between the past and the future, male and female, physical and spiritual. It teaches you that whatever you are doing now will be weaved into your future. If Spider is your totem, you should meditate on Wheel of Fortune tarot card, to help you get within flows of Life. Spider awakens your creativity, If Spider is your totem ask yourself if you are focusing on your goal or is your energy shattered in multiple directions? Are you too focused on accomplishments of others and not your own? Are you weaving your dreams into reality? Spider can teach you how to use your creativity to find a balance in your life.

Squirrel - Believe in yourself, Activity and Preparedness

Squirrels are small always busy social animals. Those with squirrel as totem animal learn best by imitation and doing rather than studying. If a squirrel came to your life examine your own activity and preparedness. Are you maybe too active, or not active at all? Are you neglecting being prepared for the future? Are you maybe too erratic, not accomplishing anything? Maybe you need to learn how to save, being it money, time or energy? Squirrels can teach you balance withing giving and receiving. Squirrel can appear if you are doing more of one and not enough of the other. They will also remind you when you pursuing your goals to also take time to socialize and play. To create balance between work and fun.

Stag (Elk) - Take the lead , Pride, Strength and Nobility

Stag is powerful animal with strong stamina. If a stag or elk comes into your life, it may mean you are about to hit your stride. It may teach you how to pace through life more effectively. You may ask yourself if you are giving up too early, or are you maybe overdoing? Are you taking the easier way, when the long and steady will be more effective for you? Stag may cross your path to remind you to be in company of the opposite sex in more balanced way. Maybe a need for more companionship, to find more balance in your life by being more among others. If you are a stag person, it will be beneficial for you to stick to more vegetarian diet, as it will balance your stress level and gives you more energy. If you feel sluggish, call upon stag or elk, change your diet and your energy levels will feel considerably different within days.

Swan - Time for a deep dive, Awakening the true Beauty and Power of Self

Swan is an ancient, even its name has been unchanged since Angle-Saxon times. It is the largest waterbird, it likes cold environment and is associated with direction of North. Those with Swan as their totem, should mind thier emotions, be more sensitive to your own emotions and to the emotions of the others around you. It is a symbol of beauty and purity, and your ability to realize your own true beauty and the beauty in others. Swan teaches you to own your own power and longevity, to be a carrying parent. It is often a totem of the child, a dreamer, they are linked to Faerie realm. It gently teaches us to sing our own son, to cherish our inner child, the inner dreamer and see the beauty in all.

Turkey - Give with gratitude and grace, shared blessings and harvest

Turkey sometimes called an earth eagle, has a long history associated with spirituality and honoring Mother Earth. It symbolizes all the blessings what Earth contains, together with the ability to use these for its advantage. Those with turkey as a totem animal can expect a year of harvest and abundance. According Native Americans turkey helped to create the world, and showing humans how to raise corn and how to fight off evil spirits. Turkey is very adaptable bird. Male's limp is closely connected to third eye, the inner vision which is representing a seat of feminine energies and possibilities within each of us. If turkey is your totem animal, you need to know you have your inner strength, despite how it looks on outside, trust your intuition and use all what you are blessed with and use it in your advantage.

Turtle - Slow and steady wins the race, Motherhood and Longevity

Turtles live in and around water, where tortoises are earth bound. There is a lots of ancient mysticism around turtle, often associated with symbol of heaven and earth. It is also a symbol of doorway to Faerie lands. Turtle is a symbol of motherhood and female energies. It is also associated with longevity, staying grounded, taking your time. It helps us how to best perceive time and how to build relationship with it. Connect with your life, take your time and let the natural flow work for you. Turtle totem helps you to awaken the senses, both physical and spiritual. When turtle comes to your life, ask yourself what you are not seeing or hearing, what you should have? Turtle is a reminder to you to use your own head and knowledge to right yourself when the world around you gets too topsy. It reminds you of your connection with Earth, and despite of what ever is happening in your life, you are being cared, protected and nurtured. All you need to do is to slow down and connect to all of your 6 senses.

Vulture - Nothing is wasted, purification, death and rebirth, New vision

Vulture is one of the most misunderstood birds, often associated with death and people look at them as gross. But the truth is the opposite - a representation of heaven and earth, a guardian and an avenger. Greek cultures consider vulture as a descendant of the griffin - a guardian of the mysteries of life and death. In Egypt it represents motherhood and is associated with Egyptian goddess Maat. When vulture comes into your life it is a time for you to be noticed more for what you do than how you appear to others. You will be also able to rise above the obvious. You may be experiencing auric visions or see subtle energy around people. You should pay attention how you feel emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually when you eating, to discover what is beneficial for you and what is not. Vulture is also a sign of a promise that your current suffering is temporary but necessary at the moment and that no matter how difficult the circumstances you are able to overcome it all.

Wasp - Sometimes, life stings

Wasp is not very pleasant insect but it symbolism is powerful. When a wasp crosses your path it prompts you to take a look at your life and ask yourself if you are involved in pursuits that are worthwhile. Are you fighting for a good fight? When it stings you, it may be a wake-up call to do what’s best for you and to focus on what will bring you closer to spiritual enlightenment or a goal, and not spent your energy on pursuits or people that are not worth your time. When the wasp comes flying into your life, you are being reminded that only wishing and dreaming about your desires will not make them come true. You need to actively make deliberate choices and act on them and keep working until you make your dreams happen.

Whale - Trust the great mystery, Power of Song, Awakening Inner Depths

Whale is an ancient symbol of creation as many cultures believed that life on earth sprang out of sea and Whale was body of our world. Whale can teach you how to insulate yourself and use your own creative energy more conservatively. It can also teach you how to sing your own tune and create your own song of life. Whale people are often very creative, but they must remember to come out their creative world and stay in touch with the real life as well. Ask yourself if you are keeping too much inside and if you are afraid to let it out into open? Maybe you are lost in your own creative imagination and cannot see reality for it really is? Or maybe you are not using your creativity enough? Creativity is not all what Whale teaches, but how how to awaken depths of your creative inspiration, so you can add color and light into your own current life and make it more wondrous.

White Raven - Trust in the magic, Shape-shifting and creation

There is a lot of lore and mythology surrounding ravens which is often contradictory. Raven is an omen a symbol of death and birth, mysticism and magic. In Norse mythology raven is considered a messenger of spiritual realm, Odin has often shape-shifted as raven himself. Raven has the knowledge of how to become other animals and speak their language. It is playful and excellent tool user such as stones to crack nuts and such. They don't pray other animals, are not intimidated by others, they are fast and wary. When raven comes into your life, expect magic, it activates the energy of magic linking it to your will and intention. Raven brings opportunities to embrace your own magic within yourself, to bring that part of you out of dark, it teaches you how to shape-shift your life dramatically.

Wolf - Turn knowledge into Wisdom. Guardianship, Loyalty and Teacher

Wolves are the most misunderstood animals. There is a lot of tales of terror surrounding these magnificent creatures. Wolves are the exact opposite - friendly, social and highly intelligent. They have a strong sense of family and loyalty. Their living is defined by fully defined rules, structure and rituals. Each member has a specific function within a pack. Wolf represents the true free spirit of the wilderness. Wolf spirit teaches you to know who you are and how to develop strength and confidence, and how to demonstrate it to others without being aggressive. Wolf teaches you to communicate with your body, not just with your words, it teaches lessons of proper governorship - a balance between authority and democracy. How to establish order and harmony within your own life, and that true freedom requires discipline. Those with wolf spirit should pay extra attention to their inner thoughts and words, as your intuition will be very strong. Learn to trust your own insights and secure your attachments to others, to implement rituals in your life to take a better control of your life.

Wombat - Be at home

Wombat is native to only Australia and New Zealand. Those with wombat totem are always ready and willing to help others. They hear what other don't. They tend to be loving strong parents with wise advice to their children. When a wombat crosses your path it teaches you to bring laughter and love to any situation, helps you to relieve pain and worry. It helps you to seek your answers within you own personal growth. When it speaks to you, which is not often, you ought to listen. Its sense of intuition can be compared to a shaman's. It has a compassionate understanding of the environment which it lives in, and it moves though life in an universal flow, never in a hurry. It teaches you to move though life with meditative wise approach, which allows you to make wise decisions and to allow the time and patience to successfully take you where you want to be.

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