Spirit Animals (R-W)

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Rabbit (Hare) - Now is a lucky time, Fertility and New life

Rabbit or Hare is known for its ability to procreate, its ability to make great leaps and hops. People with rabbit as a totem animal may find that their endeavors will come and go in simillar movements. The hare is a symbol of fertility, ambition, finesses and the moon gazing. Rabbit and hare are associated with "in-between" time or time from dawn to dusk or faery realm. When a rabbit or a hare comes to your life and you have started some endeavor, know that it will take about 28 days from the beggining to the end to manifest it. You may see events occruing in long leaps or hops, not really steady, but usually will change within a 28-day period. Rabbit people should plan for possiblities, and checking what has been already set in motion. Its advice is not to show your next moves, act as you are not seen. Check also your diet for strenghtening and healing. When a rabbit shows up, pay attention and recognize signs around you, attune your day-to-day life to a lunar cycle, it will help you with more steadfastness.

Rhino - Overcome any obstacle, Ancient wisdom

Rhinos are solitary animals, ancient survivors form times long gone. They birng forth the energy of comfort in own's solitude. They are the ultimate symbol of "knowing yourself". Rhino lends those who has him as their totem animal greater sensitivity of the smell - a symbol for application of higher wisdom. If rhino has shown up in your life you need to examine your innate sense of discrimination. Are you trusting your inner wisdom? Are you not trusting you own learning progress? Are you maybe looking only for appearances and refusing to see beyond the superficial? Rhino asks you to look for the ancient wisdom and how you could assimilate it into your own life. Rhino will help you to put your life into a better perspective, by helping you how to apply any ancient wisdom into the present time.

Scarab beetle - Magic works through you, Resurrection

The beetle is one of the most varied of insects. The scarab beetle or in other words the sacred beetle had a great significance in Ancient Egypt. It is associated with the Sun and its movements, because the beetle will roll its ball always from east to west, laying eggs within it and burying it into the earth for the young to emerge. The scarab beetle is a symbol of new life and sun deities. It itself goes through a tremendous metamorphosis during one life. The phase where its wings get harden may indicate for those whose totem is the Sacred beetle to be more protective or that they are maybe too closed off. If the sacred beetle has shown into your life it is time to examine the meaning of change and where in process are you to embrace the change. Maybe you need simply more sunshine, or need to leave past behind.

Skunk - Know your worth, Sensuality, Respect and Self-Esteem

Skunk is one of the most misunderstood mammals. Many show great respect to skunk for it can do. That is exactly what skunk comes to teach you - give respect, expect it and demand it as well. Skunk moves in his own way, speed and mind thoughout its life, with self-confidence and self-assurance. Skunks are fearless, but very peaceful. They will always give a warning before spraying. If skunk is your totem, it might teach you how to get more attention without being arrogant and irritating, or to help you how to deal with such people in your life. Skunk people must learn to balance the ability to draw and repel people. There is a best time for both, it can teach you when is the right time for each. It can also teach you to be silent when you need to, so you won't push others away. It can also teach you when its best to be noticed, and how to go without being noticed. When a skunk shows up in your life, know you will get an opportunity to bring out the your ability for showing or gaining respect and boosting your self-esteem. Examine your self-image, know you are going to get noticed, and remembered and all that can be controlled by you.

Snake - Time to heal, rebirth, resurrection, Initiation and Wisdom

Snake is surrounded with great controversy and paradox, often argued if it is a symbol of higher or lower force. It is portrayed as s symbol of Devil but also as a symbol of Healer. Snake is a symbol of transformation, alchemy and wisdom expressed through healing. It is also a symbol of the sexual and creative life force within humans. Because snakes shred their skin, they are representation of death and rebirth. If a snake shows to you as your totem, you can expect a transition, in sense of death and rebirth in some area in your life. Ask yourself if you might be needing to make some changes, examine what is happening in your life. Maybe you are trying to force changes too quickly? Is there anything which needs to be healed? Are you maybe striking those around you, or are you not striking even if you should? Snake can be also a sign that your creative energy, your kundalini energy is awakening. If a snake is your totem, you may tend to use your eyes to mesmerize and look into the hearts and souls of others, but it may also indicate that you need to look closely into your own heart and soul. You maybe also extremely sensitive to smell and fragrances. When a snake comes into your life, it is a time to look into your new powers of creativity and wisdom.

Spider - Make your dreams real. Creativity and the Weaving of Fate