Animal Spirits (A-C)

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Ants - industriousness, order, teamwork, patience and discipline, time to collaborate

Ants has been long a symbol of hard work. There is discipline and order within their community, and every ant knows his place. They are social insects, and therefore represent teamwork and industry. When ant crosses your path or it is your totem animal, you are required to examine your own industriousness. Do you lack discipline or order in the work you do? Or are you lacking a good foundation or patience in order to move forward and be successful? Are you being patient with yourself or others? Or your efforts? Ant can teach you how to harness your own power to create the life you want for yourself. Ant comes with a promise of success through effort and hard work.

Antelope - Action, speed, adaptability of the mind, energy, grace, swiftness

Antelope is a spirit animal connected to the mind and mental ability and therefore connected to 3rd eye and crown chakra. It helps you to reflect on your mental agility and wittiness and can help you to mentally survive in most difficult environments. If Antelope is your totem animal you may need to insulate yourself or you need to come out of hiding. Empaths may have a tendency to get antelope as totem animal. Antelope can help you to be quick with your communication and stay curious. It can also help you with your clairvoyance or strengthen your other psychic abilities, especially if self-preservation is needed. If Antelope is your totem animal and you are highly psychic, you may have many encounters with strange fragrances, especially musk. Furthermore, antelope can teach you how to use your adaptive ability, develop new mental perspective and attitude towards situations which you first considered as impossible.

Armadillo - set healthy boundaries, personal protection and defense, empathy

Armadillo will be a totem animal especially for those who tend to be most vulnerable when exposing their undersides or inner workings. Because Armadillo is an animal carrying its own Armour and shield, it can be a great teacher how to protect yourself and when to let your defenses down. Armadillo can also teach you how to dig through people or situations to see what is truly beneath the mask. Armadillo teaches you how to best carry your protection, and how to use it when it is necessary. It can teach you how to use it without harming others. People with owl or skunk totems will me often in positive relationships with people whose totem is Armadillo, as they benefit from their abilities. People with armadillo totem will often have past live connections with Aztecs and medieval Spain. If armadillo crosses your path, ask yourself if you are in need of personal protection, or are you neglecting or overprotecting yourself against others?

Badger - be fearless and bold, self-expression, reliance, indirect communication

If a badger is your totem animal, you'll need to study also a weasel animal, as they are closely connected. Those with badger as totem animal tend to have a vast knowledge of others, you may be a storyteller. Stories may come easily to you and from you. If a badger is your spirit animal, it reminds you to share your stories and learn how to give them away when needed. Badger has a strong connection to Earth, to earth spirits and gnomes. It can help you to dig deep to see beneath the surface of things or people. Badger-people do not relate well with others, it might be easier for you to communicate your needs or ideas though stories, rather than through the direct dialog. Badger can also cross your path if you need to learn more about Earth. It can assist you with the knowledge about crystals and roots and their healing powers. If the badger comes to your life you may need to examine if you are bold enough, as badger never surrenders. Are you or those around you digging enough to see the truth? It may suggest to seek your answers by examining the stories of your childhood. It might also come to your aid with self-expression and creating a new story about yourself.

Bat - death & rebirth, facing fears, time of transition and initiation

Bat is often misunderstood animal. Bat is full of symbology from rebirth (Mayans) to happiness (China). But represents a process of transition, it also holds a promise of rebirth and coming out of the darkness. If a bat flew into your life, it is a time to face your fears and prepare for a change. You are being challenged to let go of the old and create something new. When bat appears, maybe your life went from bad to worse. But bat comes to help you to understand the change, and show you its blessings. When a bat comes along, it is time to ask yourself what are most fearing right now? Are you avoiding facing something that is inevitable? Bat comes along to help you to rise above your fears. Those with bat totem might find that they have better ability to discern the hidden messages and implications of other people's words. Bat is a powerful medicine, a new beginning that brings promise and power after the changes.

Beaver - building and acting on dreams, solid foundation, completing projects, manifesting

Beaver is a builder and it is associated with water and family. If a beaver appears in your life it can reflect the opportunity to build upon your dreams. For those with the beaver as a totem animal it will be essential to have a proper dental hygiene and care. When a beaver come to your life ask yourself if you have been neglecting your most basic dreams, or if your dreams need some repair work? Or are you or those around you too lost in daydreaming or never act on their dreams? Maybe your home needs a repair? Remember, beaver reminds you to act on your dreams, to make them reality, don't be afraid to build them from scratch. When a beaver appears, it is time to act and construct a wonderful dream.

Bear - meditating, taking time out, awakening inner power and power of unconsciousness

Bear is a powerful symbol with many myths. He is associated with Goddess Diana and Moon. Bear is a great teacher how to go within to find the resources necessary for survival. The bear can teach you to drawn upon all of your inner stores of energy and essence. Meditating and working with bear will help you to go within your soul sanctum to find yourself. When bear appears in your life it is time to ask yourself if your judgement is off, or if you are not recognizing what is beneficial for you at the moment? Are you being too critical of yourself or others, or are you wearing rose-colored glasses and not seeing things as they truly are? Those with bear totem is important not to hide away, but come out, be patient with others and themselves. Message of the bear is to go within to awaken the power, but only by bringing it out into open and applying it will the honey of life be tasted.

Bee - sweet results awaits, fertility, luck, industry, hard work paying off

Bee is a long-time symbol of accomplishing the impossible, because of its body proportions. Bees have too large body for the size of their wings. Bees are busy and very productive insects. If the bee is your totem animal, examine your own productivity. Bees produce honey and wax, pollinate other plants so they can grow and become food for other animals and humans and because they do build their nests in the ground, they also take care of soil as well. If a bee crosses your path, it is maybe a time to examine if you are doing all you can to make your own life more fertile? Or are you busy enough? Or are you taking also the necessary time to savor the good stuff in your life, or are you being a workaholic? Bee comes to remind you, that our work can be more productive, if we also make time to enjoy it. Honeycombs bees produce are associated with sweetness of life within our own hearts. Bee comes with a promise of fulfillment of your dream if you pursue it.

Bobcat - life is a mystery, listening with intent, discretion, silence and keeping secrets

Because a bobcat is a solitary animal, those who are blessed with this animal as totem will be in similar situation. Bobcat teaches them to come in terms with that - learning to be alone without being lonely. People with bobcat as totem animal will have friends who often share secrets. It is important for those people not to break these secrets, as they too often can get caught. Medicine of bobcat is the ability to turn on and off the creative forces within if needed. Bobcat can teach you how to utilize and project the life force in silent and powerful way. Its magic is most powerful when done in secret. It also teaches when to speak, how much and to whom, as bobcat people must be cautious about what they share with others, as things can get often out of proportion. What is white to bobcat people is often black to others and vice versa. Bobcat people are also most effective at night, they can see and hear what others cannot, which can make others feel unease around them. If a bobcat came into your life ask yourself if you are being too solitary, or are you being indiscreet? Are you trusting your inner senses enough? Whenever bobcat is around, it will teach you that there is true power and strength through silence.

Buffalo - manifesting, answered prayers, gratitude, abundant universe will provide