Animal Spirits (D-G)

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Deer (Doe)- bring a gentle touch in all you do, diplomacy, Innocence, gentle luring to New adventures

Deer or Doe is a majestic animal, they are often wanderer, never following same path. A word deer means in many ancient languages "an animal". For many is the most important animal ever hunted. Deer has often transferred old into new, luring many into woods, loosing their way and discovering new paths in the process. If a deer entered your life, look for new perceptions to grow and expand. The way the mothers take care of the their fawns signifies for those who have deer for a totem, to take care of their love ones, to nurture and protect them. Deer leads us to old teachings, like establishing a strong healthy connection with our love ones. If a deer has shown up in your life, you may have gotten too far away from the family role. You may detect subtle movements and appearances. You may also hear what is not being said directly. When a deer shows up in your life, be gentle with yourself and others. Ask yourself if you are being too critical or uncaring?Are you trying to force things, or are you opened to new adventures?

Dog - Faithfulness, being loyal to what you love, unconditional love and protection

Dog is a faithful human companion, providing protection and warnings. If a dog is your totem, the specific breed but also its personality should be studied more closely to see the what qualities the dog came to help you with. The personality of the dog does also reveals a lot about yourself as well. It takes a lot to break dog's spirit. It's ability to love and it's willingness, even when abused is tremendous. If dog came to your life as totem animal, ask yourself what you are saying about your lack of companionship or are you being faithful?Are you able to receive and give love unconditionally?Maybe you need to play a little more? Do you maybe need to protect yourself against something or someone? Dog is a powerful totem reflecting faithfulness and companionship.

Dolphin - Playfulness, flirtation, telepathy, power of breath and sound

Dolphin is very intelligent, playful and curious mammal and can become a great teacher when breathing or problems with breathing are in the picture. The correct way of breathing is very beneficial for all body, mind and spirit. Dolphin can show you how to enter into the water of life, and then with breath and sound call from the waters what you need most. Breathing and sounding techniques can be very helpful with manifesting, especially when you feel that your prayers goes unanswered or your affirmation don't seem to lead nowhere. Dolphin was a sacred symbol of salvation and a messenger of Gods. If the dolphin shows up as your totem animal ask yourself what are you creating thought your words or thoughts at the moment? Are you enjoying yourself and getting enough fresh air? When dolphin shows up it is time to breath some new life into yourself, go out explore and play.

Dove - Feminine energies of Peace, Maternity, Prophecy and Mourning

Dove is surrounded by tremendous wealth of lore and legends. She is a symbol of feminine and motherhood. She is associated with many Goddesses. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was born out of egg brooded by dove. The Slavs believe the soul becomes a dove at death. Dove is associated with feminine sexuality for early Pagans and through Goddesses Astarte and Isis. Dove is a reminder of keeping touch with Mother Earth and feminine energies on earth. The voice of the dove is the rain song - this mourning invokes new water of life available to us always. Dove is a messenger of "in between time" where veil between spiritual and physical is thinning, the past and the future. Dove is inviting you to mourn what has passed but be awaken to the promise of the future. It can help you to see what you can give birth to in your life.

Dragonfly- the power of light, transformation, trust transcends illusion

Dragonflies are very ancient insects having been around for millions of years. During one lifetime it lives within two elements, water and air. As a nymph it lives under water, and as a dragonfly it soars the air. The medicine of dragonfly is to take time to develop and be patient that with maturity your own true colors will come forth. If you have a dragonfly as a totem animal you are probably very emotional and passionate in early years, but as you get older you gain more mental clarity and control. If a dragonfly shows up it can also mean that your emotions have gotten shut down and it is time to get some fresh air, gain a new perspective or make a change. Or maybe you will need to examine if you are neglecting your emotions, or are you being too rational? Dragonfly can help you to see though illusions, to help your own light to shine forth, brings the brightness of transformation and a new vision of change.

Eagle - Illumination of Spirit, Healing and Creation, the Bigger picture, Spirit has your back

Eagle is great bird, admired by many cultures and civilizations. It has a great ability to soar and hunt, see things from higher perspective. As a totem animal it will teach you a balance of being of the Earth, but in it. Eagle was sacred to Zeus, who often turn into an eagle to help himself to control thunder and lighting. Eagle is a symbol for the soul, the spirit and the warmth of life. Eagle is a symbol of great power. Eagle's medicine for you is to take the responsibility and the power of becoming so much more than you now appear to be. If you accept Eagle as a totem, you need to accept a powerful new dimension to life and a heightened responsibility for your spiritual growth. But only through doing so do you learn how to move between worlds, touch all life with healing, and become the bearer of new creative force within the world.

Eel - bring your ideas to life, watch out for the unseen

Eel is a symbol of transformation through lightning like life force. It is associated with the kunalini energy. He is a shape-shifter, not easy to catch. As a water animal he is connected to water and therefore emotions. If Eel is your totem animal you are asked to find new ways to adapt and to maybe defend yourself. You will receive a "taser". He is also a teacher that you need to observe more, watching out for opportunities, or unusual partnerships. He is a messenger of a great spiritual transformation, to be able to watch out for the unseen.

Elephant - Memory, Good fortune, Ancient Strength and Power, Royalty. Learning from the Past

Elephant is surrounded by a lots of lore and myth. It is the largest living land animal. White elephant is considered most sacred, especially in Asian and Indian cultures,. They are a symbol of royalty and fertility. Hindu God of Wisdom and success, Ganesha is portrayed with elephant's head. Elephant responds to sound and have a great and long memory. It never forget someone who harmed him, it will seek a revenge if opportunity presents itself. They also display a lot of affection and emotions, especially sorrow when one of their own dies. Those with elephant totem should also study clouds, as elephant and clouds has been long connected. They also should pay attention to the smell, aromatherapy may be also very beneficial. If you have an elephant as your spirit animal you will be in position to establish powerful family or social foundation in your life, drawing upon ancient wisdom and power.

Flamingo - Perfect balance - Embrace the "in-between"

Flamingo is a bird often standing on one leg, keeping a perfect balance. If Flamingo is your totem animal and you feel out of sorts, or out of balance, its symbolism is reminding you to get in touch with your emotions, so you can grow from what you feel. When you allow yourself to release any feelings you hold back, only then you can come into balance again. Flamingo asks you to bring a new life, ideas, concepts, situations or people into your life. He is a reminder of "in-between" time, where you are with one foot in the old, and with one foot in the new. Take your time when you walk between these worlds. Know that one is the end of one phase and the other is the beginning of something new and better.

Fox - Feminine magic of Camouflage and shape-shifting, charm and invisibility