Animal Spirits (H-P)

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Hawk - Let Spirit be your guide, Visionary Power and Guardianship

Hawks are most dynamic intriguing and mystical symbols of the skies. They have been long considered messengers, protectors and visionaries. There are many species, but the best know is red-tailed hawk. This hawk has ties to the kundalini power center. It can help you to rise into higher level and can bring you a rapid development of psychic abilities. Call upon hawk if you need an assistance with balancing or using your psychic powers or if you trying to find your purpose. It shows you how to be opened to new ideas and opportunities, and can show you ways how to teach others to do the same. People with hawk as totem should be or stay observant, because hawk is a messenger from Spirit, that you are send signals what to do in your life. Hawk awakens our visions and inspires us to creative our life purpose.

Horse - Travel, power and freedom is yours

Horse is one of the animals which contributed most to the human civilization. It is associated with both burial and birth rites, they have been presented in many religions. Horse enables people to explore and find freedom and to travel. To really know what the horse is trying to tell you or teach you, it is important to look at what kind of horse is your totem animal. Is a working horse, a stallion or a racing horse? If a horse has shown up in your life, it may be the time to examine the aspect of what travel, a freedom within your life. Are you feeling restricted? Do you maybe need to move on or allow the others to go their way? Horse brings with him new journeys and will teach you how to ride into a new adventure awaken and embrace your own freedom and power.

Hummingbird - Be here and now, Tireless Joy and the Nectar of Life

Hummingbird is the smallest of birds, but is also the most fascinating. It is filled with joy and wonder, its name comes from a vibration of its wings. Humming as such creates internal well-being, restoring health and balance. And this is also the message of this little bird, to find joy in what we do and to sing it out. Humming bird is connected to infinity, past and future and the law of cause and effect. These little birds cannot live without flowers, and flowers cannot be without humming bird's pollination. Is the only bird which can fly backwards, reminding those who has it as a totem, to find joy and sweetness in any situation. Humming bird is also a reminder to get regular and deep sleep and rest, so you don't burn yourself out. The symbol of humming bird is accomplishing that what seems imposible, to find miracles of joyful living from any circumstances in your life.

Koala - Spirit has a plan, take it easy it will be OK

Koala is only native to Australia, spends most of its life just hanging on the trees looking cute. They are not afraid of people and are not aggressive. Koala loves to cuddle and it rarely shows any signs of anger. They don't fuss about much, all they need is to find an eucalyptus tree to hang on and eat. They are symbols of kindness, motherhood, calmness and family. Those with koala totem have an easy-going attitude in life. They enjoy spending time with friends and family rather than to be alone. They will love to experience the feeling of being in community and sharing love with others. So call upon Koala if you need help to get more in touch with the community. maybe to trust that Spirit has a plan and will provide, and that all you need to do is just be ready and all you need will find you.

Koi Fish - Be calm, there is always enough

This Japanese beautifully colored carp-fish brings symbolism of calmness, patience, courage, focus, and motherhood. It is associated with all calming and fluid qualities of water, symbolizing fluidity of feelings and movement. People with koi fish as totem will have a gift for creating wealth in their lives. they will have ability to literally transform anything to gold, no matter if it is material, emotional, intellectual or spiritual. Koi fish can teach to how to stay calm in the face of change and when it is a time to turn to meditation and reflection. When a koi fish comes to your life is time to put your ego aside for a minute and set your focus on building, appreciating or strengthening your relationships and friendships.

Lion - Be generous of spirit. Assertion of the Feminine and the Power of the Female Sun

Lion is a symbol of sun and of gold, strength, pride and power. When a lion shows up as your totem animal, it would be wise to learn about the cat as well. If a lion has shown up as your totem, you can expect lessons and issues dealing with community, maybe you will need to examine your role in the group. If a male lion shows up you may need to examine your usefulness within the group, maybe if you need to be more protective, maybe you will need to be cooperative more. When a lion crosses your path it may be a sign that there will be opportunity to awaken to a new sun - your feminine energy as creativity, intuition and imagination. Don't be afraid to roar if you feel threatened or intruded upon.

Lizard - Dream the world into being, Subtlety of Perception

Lizards has very fast movements and can recognize very subtle movements of insects very quickly. If a lizard comes to you it may be an indication that your intuition or a psychic perception are already activated or are about to get activated. Your intuition may be very subtle, but trust it, and maybe it would be important to get very still in order to really tap into it. One interesting thing about lizards is, that when their tail get damaged or snapped off, it has an ability to grow a new one. Therefore a lizard can became a powerful teacher how to detach in order to protect yourself, but also to detach in order to survive and later thrive again, no matter the damage.

Moth - Surrender to the truth now

Moth is typically drawn to the light, no matter what. It symbolized the force when we are drawn to something which is good and beneficial for us. But also what give us a thrill and pleasure. It teaches us to maintain the childlike curiosity no matter how difficult our life is. Moth is associated with the truth, and how blind one can be when kept in dark, but when the truth comes into light, all becomes clear. Moth is associated with clairvoyance, faith and determination. When moth comes to you start to recognize your own vulnerabilities, to listen to your intuition not as they seem to be to the outside world. Pay attention to any signs which will show up, especially when you are going through some difficult situation. Moth is teaching you to step out from hiding into the light, show the world who you are even when they don't approve. Allow yourself to grow, have faith in your beliefs and abilities.

Mouse - Tend to the small things, attention to detail

Those with a mouse may have some areas where attention to details will be highly concentrated. These people maybe a bit too much for others, who don't pay much attention to their lives and work. If a mouse shows up as your totem, it is either a time to pay attention to details or an indication that you may not see the forest for the trees. Maybe you may be getting so locked into details that you are forgetting the bigger picture. Ask yourself, if you are currently taking of the necessary things in your life,or only of the trivial? Are you getting too lost in the big dreams and you are neglecting other aspect of your life? Are you maybe missing what is right in front of you? When a mouse shows up in your life it teaches you to focus and pay attention to detail, it help you to get the big things while you working on the little things.

Nightingale and Robin - Love is all around and New Growth

Nightingale a bit bigger than robin, and it usually sings during night or early in the morning. It teaches to sing through a fear in life. Nightingale song is healing, so when it comes to you it is time to heal your life of any fears and get more active. Where Robin is a messenger of spring and of a new growth in my areas in your life. Many says one should make a wish when a robin appears, before he flies away. Robin can teach you to sing your own song, if you wish a new life or new growth. If it show up often, it may be a sign you have been doing something ineffectively, but he may he