Free Reading - week 3

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

General reading for week 3 (14th - 20th of January 2019)

We are invited this week to recognize the value of chaos. Chaos clears the air and gives the opportunity for something new to take a place. If it feels like your world has turned upside down, know it is only temporary. Perhaps a communication has broken between you and another, or your to-do list is overwhelming you. The guidance for this week is to slow down and course correct if needed, wait out the storm so things can get cleared out. Don't jump from one task or relationship to another, but focus on one thing at the time. Otherwise you deplete yourself of your precious energy. It is advisible this week to be still, be here and now and enjoy the present moment.

Remember where you put your attention, there will your energy go. Therefore focus this week on what is really important, look away from small petite things, which will only deplete you. Let go. Appreciate the presence and what is being presented to you, and know it is enough.

Pay also attention to your feelings as they might be running the show this week. Ask yourself how you really feel about things and why. You are reminded that you are not your feelings, you are only experiencing them. Allow the change happen. If you are happy right now, enjoy it and pass the love and happiness around you. If you are sad, allow the emotions wash away your tears. Be mindful of them and how they affect you. Allow your feelings to pass through and focus on the positive.

Remember, this too shall pass.

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