Free Reading - Week 4

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

General reading for week 4 (January 21st - 27th 2019)

We are receiving a nudge in the right direction this week. We are asked to step in our own power, as new things are coming to help us to create our dreams. Move toward your dreams and desires in your own rhythm. If it feels like you are going backwards or are experiencing setbacks know that it is not true. Perception this week is everything. You are always moving forward, you are not retracing your steps, rather going around and up. Continue to dance your own dance, but also allow others to take a lead from time to time. If it feels like you cannot dance same dance with someone else, know that each one of you is moving in your own direction. And that is ok. It is a good time to release any sadness and grief this week as well, anything which holds you back from moving towards your dreams. Make amends to those you may have harmed, and surrender your resentments to the Universe. You deserve the freedom from what no longer serves you this week

Bright blessings

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