Witchy essentials - Days of the Week and power of the Planets

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Planets, Moon, Sun and stars have been associated with magic for thousands of years. Each of them has its own powers and energies, influencing each day of the week. One planet will rule during a specific day, but its powers will be influenced by other planets as the day goes by as well. Determining the right day, hour with the right ruling planet is a crucial part of any successful spell work.

THE MOON is a ruler of the day Monday, and the most important planet when casting spells. It is associated with perceptive feminine energies, female mysteries, dreams, imagination, childbirth and conception, emotions, healing and divination. It poses a great power over Earth, the tides, crops and human body. Moon goes through 4 phases which has also a great influence on spell work. New Moon is best for spells relating for banishing and new beginnings. Waxing Moon indicates a phase when the Moon grows from new to full, and thus suitable for spells regarding with growth, attraction and creation. Full Moon is when moon is fully visible and best for manifestation spells like love, money, prosperity and divination. Witch ritual - Esbat is often performed to honor the Goddess. Waning Moon indicates a phase when full moon slowly vanishes to dark/new moon. It is time for spells regarding banishing, release and dying off. Moon is also a ruler of zodiac sign Cancer, the element of water and thus spells regarding family, nurturing, domestic affairs and the unconscious, and characteristics of Cancer in general. Avoid doing spells when Moon is void of course, which is time between signs, it can last few minutes or hour. Check it out before you will cast any spells as it can disrupt or prevent your desired result.

MARS is a ruler of the day Tuesday, named after Norse God Tyr. Planet Mars is named after Roman God of war Mars and therefore associated with aggressive masculine energy, especially the darker side. Spells done on Tuesday are associated with loyalty, courage, action, freedom, aggression, decisiveness, marriage and lust. However, it is important not to do spells done on this day in anger or frustration as these can be projected on overall spell work. Mars is a ruler of zodiac sign Aries, element of fire and thus spells regarding physical appearance, ego, action and initiation, and characteristics of Aries in general. Avoid making spells regarding major decisions about relationships, contracts or projects during Mars retrograde as the energy of anger and conflict can be considerably increased.

MERCURY is known for its swift movements, a ruler of the Wednesday and named after Roman God Mercury. Energy is inconsistent, therefore must be balanced with more peaceful energy of another planet. Spells best done on Wednesday are regarding communication, intellect and learning, education and perception, writing and memory. Mercury is a ruler of zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo, element of Air and Earth, and therefore associated also with spells regarding consciousness, design, verbal and intellectual expression, perfection, details, planning and refinement. Avoid during spell work during Mercury Retrograde as it can have unexpected and disruptive effects on spells. Decisions made during this time tend to be shortlived. Use this time for brainstorming and creative art instead.

JUPITER is another masculine planet, ruler of the day Thursday, named after God Thor and roman God Jupiter. Jupiter's energy is intellectual, less fiery than Mars or fatherly and life-giving energy of the Sun. It is a great energy to use spells regarding legal matters, justice and business. Other spells regarding truth, publications, knowledge or judgment are best performed on this day. Jupiter is a ruler of a zodiac sign Sagittarius, element of fire and is therefore associated also with spells regarding higher education, religion, travel and philosophy and characteristics of Sagittarius in general. Avoid doing spells regarding new business when Jupiter Retrogrades, as this time is more suitable for more spiritual and philosophical explorations.

VENUS is a feminine planet, ruler of the day Friday, named after Norse Goddess Frigg. Venus is commonly associated with women, although women are ruled by the moon. Planet Venus is named after Roman Goddess Venus, and is traditionally associated with feminine concepts. Spells regarding love and romance, harmony, partnerships, beauty and lust are best done on Friday during an hour ruled by Venus as well. Venus is both ruler of a zodiac sign of Taurus but also Libra, element of both Earth and Air. Therefore associated with spells and rituals for finances, legal affairs, marriage and cooperation as well. Avoid getting married or ending relationships during Venus retrograde, as it may cause slowing down the whole process and getting less appreciation for beauty and love.

SATURN is a masculine planet and the ruler of day Saturday. Named after Roman God Saturn. Saturday is sacred day for Witches, it is used for cleaning and smudging home and cleansing ritual tools and altars. This day is excellent for the spell work regarding banishing and protection spells. Among others spells including self-discipline, removing obstacles and hexes, cleansing rituals. Saturn is a ruler of zodiac sign Capricorn, element of Earth and is therefore associated with results, responsibility, reputation, conservative energy and characteristics of Capricorn in general. Avoid starting a new business during the time when Saturn Retrogrades. It is better time for re-negotiations and re-assessments of existing agreements.

THE SUN is a masculine planet with fatherly properties, ruler of the day Sunday. The energy is light and life bringing, it is associated with masculine pursuits, from father to a controlling leader. Beware as Sun's energy can be domineering, arrogant and overbearing. Sunday is the best day to do spells regarding health, prosperity, success, career, ambition, wealth and strength. Sun is also a ruler of zodiac sign Leo, element of fire and thus spells regarding entertainment, love affairs, children and creative expressions, and characteristics of Leo in general.

URANUS doesn't rule any day of the week, it is a planet connected to strangeness, eccentric ideas, reform, unexpected changes and inventiveness. If you want to invoke energies of this planet use stones and herbs associated with it. It rules a zodiac sign Aquarius , element of air and is therefore associated with friends, eccentric future technologies, social alliances, revolutionary and humanitarian visions and characteristics of Aquarius in general. When Uranus Retrogrades it is a good time for new discoveries, inventions, and rebelling, however avoid doing anything too impulsive as yo may need to undo your actions later on.

NEPTUNE is named after Sea God Neptune and has a lots of watery energies. It can be invoked when doing spell work regarding dreams, visions, fantasy, illusions and alchemy. It rules a zodiac sign Pisces, element of water and is therefor associated with magic, past lives, secrets, privacy, and characteristics of Pisces in general. When Neptune Retrogrades the tendency towards delusion and increase of perceptiveness may occur. It is also a great time to resolve issues which are revealed during this time to prevent them emerging again.

PLUTO is considered a dwarf planet, but it can be still a powerful magical tool. It is an eccentric planet, it has a tendency to shuffle the order of the planets. It can be invoked when doing spells regarding disruption, bringing order from chaos, rapid manifestation and uniting spells. It rules a zodiac sign Scorpio, element of water and is therefore associated with intense energy regarding big change, legacies, rebirth and sex, and characteristic of the mystical Scorpio in general. When Pluto Retrogrades it is a great time to gain new insights and willingness to release old attachments, it offers a great time to remove old ideas and cleanse body and spirit of old resentments.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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