Witchy essentials - Healing crystals

Here you find some of the essential crystals used in many basic spells and rituals.

Agate - is used in many cultures for protection against sickness, calamities, in time of crises to keep the danger at bay. It helps to balance many chakras according the color, but mostly the 1st chakra due to its great grounding abilities. Amber also creates a balance between the physical and the emotional state. It balances your view of any situation, it heals you by freeing you from any form of bitterness inside you, great stone when practicing forgiveness and working on compassion with others. Agate is helpful to guard you from bad dreams, dark thoughts, depressing memories, it heals sadness and anger. Magical powers of Agate are used in healing and grounding spells, spells for physical and emotional balance and protection. Agate is often used in Earth magic.

Amber - is actually a fossil of a tree resin, which takes years to form. It can sometimes contain tiny organisms, bugs or plants. It is usually fire-yellow, orange til brown. It helps to balance 2nd and 3rd chakra. It is often used in healing to speed up recovery. It helps to absorb negative energies, it takes away negative thoughts and emotions, especially when you feel helpless or trapped. Bad energies can cloud the stone, therefore it must be cleansed immediately after use. Amber can aid to remove anything what is preventing positive energies to flow. One feels significantly lighter when working with Amber. It also helps to maintain a positive mental state and it helps you to unlock your own healing energies through happiness. Magical powers of Amber are used in healing spells and spells for happiness and in fire Magic.

Amethyst - is a type of quartz and it is distinguished by its beautiful purple color. It is a master healer stone and it balances 7th chakra. This powerful healing stone is excellent when working with alignment of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. It is very calming and soothing to mind, it protects the body from stress and negative thoughts. It is also excellent stone when strengthening your concentration and focus, it is also very useful during meditation or any healing practice. It helps you to channel your energies, making you to work more effective with clear mind. Amethyst should not be cleansed by sunlight, as sunshine weakens its powers. Magical powers of Amethyst are used in healing spells, spells for better sleep, focus and concentration. Amethyst may be used in Water and Earth Magic.

Angelite - is usually light blue, silvery color. It helps to balance 5th chakra. It is excellent stone for communication and when one needs to express what you wish to say. It also heightens your psychic awareness, it helps your to be more receptive when communicating with beings from spirit realm. It also aids in deepening your communication with others, to connect with them on more spiritual level. Angelite is especially helpful when you need to express something which requires a lots of courage to say. It shouldn't be cleansed by water. The best way is to smudge it or put it on a cluster of quartz. Magical powers of Angelite are used when working with communication spells and in Air Magic.

Aquamarine - is mostly of blue and green shades of ocean. It is very calming, soothing stone, associated with 6th chakra and intuition. It is a stone of the ocean, and water element. Aquamarine has also water's relaxing abilities, it helps you to tune into your inner voice and your intuition. It is great meditation stone, when you seek peace and quiet. The calming energies of aquamarine helps you to be more comfortable with your own nature and be more understanding towards others as well. It is also a great stone to clear your mind of negative thoughts and worries, and stay attuned to your inner knowing instead. Aquamarine fades when exposed to too much sunshine, so cleanse it rather with other methods.

Aventurine - comes in many colors, but the most common is green, with tiny glitter-like flecks, which makes it shimmer in the sunlight. It is associated with prosperity and money, healing, leadership and financial luck. When used in healing, Aventurine doesn't just remove stress and worry, but also strengthens your body natural processes. It empowers you by increasing your self-confidence and leadership skills, in other words having it strengthens your spirit and your personality. Aventurine also helps to attract money and wealth. It works with you own psychic powers to drawn money to you. Aventurine is best cleansed by smudging or with water. Too much heat or sunlight damages the stone.

Citrine - is considered a variation of Quartz crystal. Ii is usually whitish yellow to brown. Yellow citrine is often confused with Yellow Topaz or artificial amethyst. Citrine helps to clear your mind, so you can hear your inner voice more clearly. It also dispels negative thoughts. It is an excellent stone to attract money and wealth. Placing citrine in your place of business brings prosperity into environment. Keeping a small piece in your wallet will keep it full of money. It is also a great stone when working on big projects, it will keep you supplied with positive energies and motivation. Citrine can effectively remove negativity without need for cleansing. But it can always be cleanse if you wish to by the method your intuition is guiding you to use.

Emerald - is typically of bright rich green color, it is very beautiful and elegant semi-precious stone. It is very useful when you need to quiet and clear your mind. It also helps you to stay focused. Emerald is a healing stone, it helps you to recover quickly from physical pain, it removes negativity and stress from your mind. When healing your heart of pain, Emerald can be very soothing and comforting. It also helps to promote love and harmony in any space at your home. It balances 4th chakra, and magical powers of Emerald can be used in healing, love and harmony spells and spells regarding quick thinking and focus. It is good to use in Earth and Air Magic.

Flourite - can have many colors and its glassy surface beautifully reflects light. Flourite is excellent in banishing negative energies affecting you physically, mentally or emotionally. It re-energizes you and aids you to be more opened to positive energies. It is a great mind stone, it increases intelligence, clears the mind and balances mental and emotional state. Flourte helps you in decision making and to see things clearly so that you can determine the best possible action to the problem. Magical powers of Flourite are used in healing spells regarding balance, clarity of mind and harmony. It is also good to use in Air and Water Magic.

Garnet - it comes in many colors, most common is deep wine red. It possesses good energies which helps to maintain a good health. It balances flow of energies and it protects the body against that may cause you harm. Garnet is also very helpful when you need to let go of negative energies. It provides you with soothing and warm energy, especially comforting during distress. Garnet can help you to melt down any feeling of regret, anger or frustration. Garnet can also magnify your efforts you put into any plan you have, it increases the good energies that will help bring success to you. It can be cleansed by any method, it is also good for it to be charged now and then in the sunlight to recharge.

Hematite - is is often dark gray or black color. It is an excellent grounding stone and it balances the 1st chakra. It gathers scattered energies and helps to calm you down and to stay focused. It banishes negativity, especially in spaces or situations where a lots of tension or conflict is involved. Hematite helps to restore balance and harmony, and also improve relationships with others. It should never be cleansed in water or with salt. The best way is to smudge it or put it on a cluster of quartz. Magical powers of Hematite can be used in spells for harmonious relationships, grounding spells and Earth Magic.

Herkimer Diamond - is actually a double terminated Quartz crystal, which means is naturally faceted on its two ends. It is very effective and powerful tool as the energies can flow freely through both of its faceted ends. Herkimer Diamond is good to use to enhance the energy which is channeled for a specific intention. It is very flexible and powerful stone, which can be used in any situations, the same way as ordinary `Quartz crystal would be. It also helps you to remember your dreams, especially when you use dreams to seek answers and receiving intuitive insights. It is also helpful when feeling down to lift up your spirits. Herkimer Diamond can be cleansed in any cleansing method.

Howlite - is a white stone with grey or black vein-like patterns, similar to a marble. Howlite helps with calming, soothing and finding a reason within. Use this stone when you need to be more rational, you need your mind to be calm and have more patience. It is an excellent stone to have on you when you need to keep your mind clear and sharp, with focus on face value. It can also help you to communicate more clearly, and help you to find solutions to problems. Carrying howlite in your pocket keeps you calm and prevents you from taking your frustrations on others. It can be easily cleansed in water, or under sun or moon rays. However, don't let it stay on sun too long.

Jade - is a stone which comes in many colors, but mostly found in green. Frequently used in Asia, in jewelry. Jade is a lucky stone, often carved into animals. In Asia, frogs are shaped out of green jade and money are placed into frogs mouth to attract money and wealth.

Jade helps you to create harmony and it reduces tension. It is also a protective stone, especially guarding you from negative energies directed at you from others. It can be used in money and love spells. So keep it close when you need to make important decisions about money or love, to have a clear head, so that you can take the best action towards an increase in your personal wealth and well-being. Be aware of cleansing jade on sun, it can be there only for a short period of time.