Witchy essentials - Meaning of colors in spell work and healing

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Colors and their uses are very important part of any magic. Power of colors is also used in healing . Different colors are associated with different kind of energy, days of a week, planets or concepts in life. Magic uses basic colors as red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gold, silver, brown, black and white. Same goes for color healing. I will share with you some basic uses and meanings of these colors.

Chakra Color healing

Probably the most used method of using healing power of colors is chakra healing and Reiki. Each chakra center is associated with a specific color's energy which has similar vibration. According Yoga philosophy Chakras are 7 main centers of physical and spiritual energy in and around the human body. Visualization of the color is very important when performing healing, opening or balancing rituals of the chakras.

When doing a chakra healing healer lays an object like a natural crystal in the appropriate color on a chakra point to help it to open up. To re-balance all 7 chakras, one lays down and place an appropriate stone on each chakra point. Candles in corresponding color can be used as well while meditating or performing a healing ritual. Wearing colors or eating foods can also be used as part of healing process. Each of us has these 7 chakra centers:

1st chakra - Root - color Red - Lower limbs and base of the spine - Security, being alive

2nd chakra - Sacral - color Orange - Reproductive organs - Sexuality and reproduction

3rd chakra - Solar plexus - color Yellow - Digestive system - Intellect, creativity and ego

4th chakra - Heart - color Green/Pink - Heart - Healing, love, compassion

5th chakra - Throat - color Blue - Throat - Communication and self-expression

6th chakra - 3rd Eye - color Indigo - Forehead - Intuition, inner knowing

7th chakra - Crown - color Violet - Brain - Higher knowledge and connection

Colors and Spell work

Each color is associated with a specific energy, planet and a day of the week. So choose the color which suits best your spell's purpose. To include color energy into your spell choose candles, crystals, ribbons or the desired object in the corresponding color.


Red color rules Tuesday and is associated with planet Mars and zodiac sign Aries. Red colour is also associated with 1st chakra, our base and connection to Earth. It represents masculine God's energy of fire, passion, fast fiery and driving forces behind actions. On the other hand, energy is associated with fear and insecurity. It can be used when evoking passion, anger, courage, lust, love and ambitions. It can be also used to arouse strength, vibrancy, health and sexual drive. Witches uses red color for protection, it also used in fertility spells. Red colored candles are used to represent Fire element when doing elemental magic. Stones associated with the red energy are ruby, garnet, red coral, red jasper, bloodstone and fire agate. Red rose petals can be used with red candles when making love spells.


Pink color rules Friday and is associated with planet Venus and zodiac signs of Libra and Taurus. It is also associated with 4th chakra. Pink is color of romance and gentle force of love and passion. Pink is associated with all things possitive like a good will, peace, affection, friendship, carying, nurturing, emotional health, successful marriage. Pink glass which is made of natural gold is used and in romantic love and marriage spells together with pink rose petals. Stones associated with this color are Pink tourmaline, Rose quartz, Pink topaz, sapphire, diamond and opal, Petalite and Rhodochrosite.


Is a secondary color of Sun, quite adaptable and can be used in many spells. It is associated with sacral chakra. It is mainly connected with ambition, and business world. Primarily associated with career goals, property deals, selling and success. It can be also used with spells regarding self-confidence, courage, personal strength, justice and encouragement. But also in spells regarding boosting ego, price and materialism. It has softer energy than red, which is more associated with agression. Orange is more gentle and its energy is more about encouragement than force. Stones associated with orange colour are carnelian, fire opal, orange calcite, sunstone, coral, amber, orange topaz and agate and copper.


Yellow is a primary color of Sun and it also governs 3rd chakra, our Solar plexus. It is associated with our intellect and mind, especially learning, intelligence, longterm memory and philosophy. Physically it is connected to our nervous system, and emotionally to attracton, charm, persuation and confidence. Yellow can be also used in protection spells, but also in spells about imagination. Yellow color candles are used as representation of Air element when doing elemental magic. Stones associated with yellow are yellow diamond and topaz, citrine, cat's eye, lemon quartz and honey calcite.


Green is color of Earth and abundance, it is a representation of Mother Earth and nature. It is associated with Friday and planet Venus. It is a second color of 4th chakra, our heart center. It is symbol of harmony, good luck, fertility and prosperity. Fertility spells including conception, planned fertility or career fertility. According Feng Shui, green is a color of prosperity and is close associated with attracting money, especially attracting banknotes in color green. According Irish traditions, green is associated with good luck and fortune. Used often in money spells, together with gold color, or commitment and marriage spells together with red and pink color, where green is a representation of commitment's part. Green candles are used to represent Earth element when doing elemental magic. Stones associated with green are malachite, emerald, jade, aventurine, peridot, moss agate and serpetine or any other green stone.


Blue is feminine, receptive color of communication and healing. It is associated with day Thursday and planet Jupiter, and zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Blue is also associated with 5th chakra and our throat, and our self-expression through words. It is a color of Water element and our emotions. Its gently moving, it has tranquil and creative energy. Wearing blue makes you feel calm and encourage patience. It is soothing color, helping with calming and falling asleep. Blue is used especially in healing of emotional wouds especially connected to communication. In business world, blue is connected to trust and confidence. Blue colored candles are used as represent of Water element in elemental magic. Stones associated with blue are turquoise, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, sapphire, angelite, blue apatite and blue lace agate.


Purple color is associated with spirituality, justice and legal matters. It is connected with Wednesday and the planet Mercury and zodiac signs Gemini and Libra. Purple in combination with blue (Indigo) is associated with 6th chakra, our 3rd eye, center of intuition. It is also connected with power and royalty, favourite color of kings throughout history. Nowdays, purple is associated with high-powered people, ambition and self-assurance. It is often used in spells regarding legal matters and justice. Purple in combination with blue can be also used in healing spells, especially mental and spiritual healing. It is also used in spells for enhanding psychic abilities and hidden knowledge. Stones associated with purple are amethyst, flourite and azurite.


Brown is a color of nature, earth and soil. It is more associated with animals than plants. Brown is color of grounding and often used in Earth magic, especially in manifestation spells. It is related to woods and wilderness, quite neutral color. Often used in spells regarding banishing, where the brown's neutrality and gentles can be used in spells where there is no need for rather definitive banishing energy of black color. Used in spells when gentle banishing is needed like to stop someone from harming without cutting them out of your life completely. Brown paper is often used to write spell's incantations in manifestation spells, which are burned or buried in earth. Stones associated with brown color are quite unusual, but tiger's eye or petrified wood can be used.


Black color is associated with protection and banishing. It is associated with day Saturday, planet Saturn, protector of home and zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. It represent a God's presence on the altar. It is associated with Witches, as Saturday is a day of Witches and a day when Witches cleanse their homes and ritual tools. Black has been long affiliated with "dark side" of life, like death and endings. Often associated with harmful and evil aspects of life as well. In spell work, it is used to seal negativity and to balance negative forces. Color black is often used in banishing negativity spells representing burning out the negative, dark aspect, along with white which is bringing in the positivity. Wearing black represents protection against the evil. Black goes hand in hand with white color, creating balance in everything- yin and yang, light and dark. Stones associated with protective energy of black are black tourmaline, obsidian, jet and onyx. These has been long used for their enormous power as a for for weapons and as power objects.


White color is considered as neutral color representing absence of color and can be also used as replacement of any color in spell work. It is a symbol of goddess on the altar, in her purest form. It is also associated with 7th chakra, our crown center. It can be used in spells regarding motherhood and pure love. It is associated with innocence, peace and higher power, truth, sincerity and enlightenment. White can be used as replacement of missing color, and white colored candle can be used as represents for Spirit element when doing elemental magic. Stones associated with white energy are quartz, selenite, white topaz, diamond, calcite or white sapphire.


Silver is a color of All goddeses, color of Monday, the Moon and zodiac sign Cancer. Silver is associated with all things feminine, intuition and psychic abilities. Carrying silver while meditating or doing divination can enhance your psychic powers. Having pure silver, a silver nugget or a moonstone set in silver will do the trick. Stones associated with silver color are hard to find, but you may get away with silver pearl, galena or polished hematite.


Gold is a primary color of Sun, and Sunday. It represents All Gods and all things masculine. It is associated with wealth, money, abundance and winning. It is connected with zodiac sign Leo. In spell work, it helps to decorate your bowls or offering plates with gold paint, or gold flakes to attract the energy Sun and thus energy of abundance and wealth. Use gold candles when doing money spells, stone associated with gold use small nuggets of pure gold, gold flakes, sunstone or fools gold.

Bright Blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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