Did you ever wonder what is written in the stars about you? Do you want to know more about yourself through your birth chart?

With this basic reading you will learn about your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign. How you are gifted when it comes to love, money, family and relationships. Where you may be challenged?

I will need you full name, your place and date of birth (format DD/MM/YYYY)
And your time of birth.

If you dont know your time of birth, a standard time will be used. Please note - if you dont know our birth time, the part about Rising Sign will be not included in your reading.

After a purchase I'll contact you within 24 hours for further information about when you can expect the reading to be done. In case of cancellations, please contact me within this period of time. No refunds after the reading is sent to your e-mail.

Please allow 24 hours for this reading to be done.
I will send you my findings in PDF-file to your e-mail, after the reading is done.
You will ususally receive few pages long report. It is not a generated report from an astrology website.

I do read your chart personally and write my own findings for you in the PDF.

I can also present you the reading face-to-face, we can connect through Zoom, Skype or Messenger. If you prefer to only receive the written information, just let me know.

Blessed be

This service is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a substance for professional advice. You must be 18 years or over to purchase such a reading

Basic Astrology Reading - In depth birth and natal chart reading

kr 250,00Price