I am offering you these hand-rolled pure beeswax chakra candles in various sizes. These will burn for few hours.These comes from root chakra to crown chakra, and from crown chakra down to root chakra. Let me know which one you prefer.


Small pillar candle is about 7 cm tall
Medium pillar candle is about 13 cm tall
Large pillar candle is about 17 cm tall
Set of 3 small pillar chakra candles is 3x7 cm tall candles. These comes in two types: from violet (crown) down to red (root), or Red (root) down to violet (crown). Let me know which you would like, otherwise they will be combined according the stock.


Set of 7 chakra colors comes in size small (about 5 cm) and medium (about 10 cm) long.
Set of 7 healing crystals comes with chakra description, corresponding crystal (type may vary) and organza bag (color may vary).
Set of 7 healing crystals together with a candle comes with small 7 cm tall chakra candle as shown on the picture.


As these are hand-made, shapes and sizes may have a slight differences.


If you have any questions please ask.


~~~Blessed be~~~~


Please note: My spell kits are designed to help you with your inquiry if you have tried all the options available with no success. Do not expect for the spell to work immediately, the success of the spell depends on your intention, energy and willingness you put into it when you perform the ritual. You need to give magic time and space to work. I am only providing you with instructions and material. You are always welcome to contact me for a guidance about how and when to perform it.You are always welcome to contact me for a guidance about how and when to perform it.

Chakra healing beeswax candles, Chakra crystal set Gift idea

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