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This lovely gemstone mala bracelet opens up your 7th chakra, also known as crown chakra and thus strenghten your connection to the Divine. Affirmation for this chakra is "I am opened to the healing power of Spirit. I understand"Crown chakra is located at the top of the head and it is an energy center of spirituality, will power, ability to manifest and receive guidance. If this center doesn't function properly one may feel disempowered, maybe have a difficulties with decision making or setting clear intentions and thus problem with manifesting. Balancing this chakra helps to dissolve frustration, depression and migraines. 

The set is made of 10 mm beads, all together 60+ beads, genuine healing crystals and semi precious gemstones, with small tassel which can be adjusted, buddha bead and a mantra chant. Can be used as mala or worn as 3 string bracelet. If you rather have 3 separate bracelets or you would like to personalize your mantra chant let me know in advance. 

The gemstone used for the round beads bracelet are:

Kunzite is high vibration extremely spiritual stone, it awakens love and positive thoughts. It radiates peace and connects to universal love, it encourages free expression of feelings and has a mood lifting effect. Rose quartz opens heart to higher healing energy. It protects against environmental pollution. It promotes calmness of the mind, compassion and empathy. Purple Agate brings forth emotional balance, it grounds, centers and stabilizes the energy. It helps to build confidence and self-acceptance, to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart. It fosters love and helps to start again. Snow and Purple Jade alleviates emotional hurt and trauma, bestows inner peace and helps to set healthy boundaries. Lepidolite activates crown chakra and clears blockages and brings forth cosmic awareness. Cherry quartz unblocks stagnant energy.

All bracelets are made of natural and real gemstones, purchased from reliable sellers in Czech Republic, England and Denmark. Bracelets are made with clear stretching elastic, allowing to fit nicely around a wrist. They will have a standard size, let me if you require a different size 
They will come in a small bag with printable information about the gemstone and how to care for them.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Bright blessings.

Crown chakra "Bliss" mantra healing mala gemstone boho yoga bracelet

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  • All my items are hand-made and made out of natural products such as natural beeswax, natural coloring, essential oils or my own grown herbs. I will add man-made charms but I tend to stay close to natural ingredients as much as possible. If you have questions regarding what essential oils or colours are used, don't hesitate to contact me.