I am offering you this hand-made candle for honoring the Egyptian Goddess Bast or Bastet, in black and gold finish (face, jewels and platform), or in simple bronze finish with gold platform. 


Candle is about 9 cm high, 3 cm wide and 5,5 cm long. Nice little replica of traditional Bast statue with many small details.

Excellent little ritual candle for any Altar honoring the Goddess Bast.


Bast or Batet is an Egyptian Goddess, in shape of Cat, daughter of Sun God Ra. She is a protector of home, banishing evil spirits and disease. Protector of women and children. Excellent for fertility rituals and honoring the dead in their afterlife.


Price is for one candle only. As each is hand-made by me, slight coloring and shape imperfections may occur. If you desire other finish than gold, or other color of the Bast than black let me know. Finish is available in gold, silver, blue, green or redish shades.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me.


Blessed be


Please note: My spell kits are designed to help you with your inquiry if you have tried all the options available with no success. Do not expect for the spell to work immediately, the success of the spell depends on your intention, energy and willingness you put into it when you perform the ritual. You need to give magic time and space to work. I am only providing you with instructions and material. You are always welcome to contact me for a guidance about how and when to perform it.

Honoring Egyptian Goddess Bast Ritual Spell Altar Candle

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