Did you ever wonder where your soul came from or what gifts have you been given at your soul's origination? Do you feel that you are unable to manifest what you desire in your current life, that you somehow often miss the mark, or seem to attract over and over things or situations no matter how much you try, despite of a lot of spiritual work you have done on yourself?


My Divine Soul Blueprint code corruption reading focuses on the blockages you have encounter during your current life, - restrictions which may have been forced upon you since your childhood and which may be deeply rooted within your emotional, physical and mental body and are now affecting your current choices and circumtances. 


With this Divine Soul Blueprint reading using Soul Realignment™ in Akashic records reading you'll receive your Basic Divine Soul Blueprint with following information:


Soul origination - this will define characteristics of your soul's personality
Divine gifts - qualities you were gifted with at your creation
Number of Spirit guides assigned to you
Your Soul specializatioins
Your Primary Life Lesson - in other words a theme, which your soul would like to experience in this lifetime
and much more. 


Furthermore you discover what had corrupted your Divine Soul Blueprint code during this incarnation. Each of us have a Divine Soul Blueprint code which describes the core divinity of our soul. When we incarnate into human existance, the parents, families, cultures and situations we come into were indeed a perfect match to our vibration, at the point of your incarnation. However, as we develop from an infant to an adult  our Divine Soul Blueprint gets corrupted when our circumtances do not match our own Divine Soul Blueprint. As children are excellent to adapt to our parent's choices, regardless if these choices matches our own Divinity or not. As children we have no choice, we are all life-dependent on our parents during the first few years of our life. Often these adaptations go against our own Divinity, so we adapt coping mechanisms and beliefs, which are not vibrational match to us and thus are shaping us to be someone else than we were originally created to be. Some of these corruptions are mild and can be often corrected through healing work or simply through saying no to what doesnt resonate with us. However, some of these are rooted much more deeply within our physical, emotional and mental body and are affecting us energetically and are thus the main reason for lack of manifesting of what you desire andare the magnet for attracting situations and people who you want to actually avoid. 


This reading will address what lies behind your manifestation process and if and how is your Divine soul Blueprint code is affected - it may be corrupted, interrupted, decoded or missing. I will gather all the information necessary to provide you with your soul profile, and will also provide you with an information about possible code corruptions which you may have gathered since your birth up to your adult life which may have an inpact on your current situation and your ability to choose and attract certain situations. Part of this reading is also a clearing work with which I will clear all code corruptions in form of contracts with other souls or other entities still attached to your soul, any vows or any other connections which might have an influence on your life. 


I can only access your personal information stored in the Akashic records, with your permission. In order to access your Akashic records, I will need your full current name, your full birth name, you date and place of birth and your permission to access your records. 


After a purchase I'll contact you within 24 hours for further information about when you can expect the reading to be done. Please allow 2-3 days for such a reading be done. I will send you my findings in PDF-file to your e-mail, after the reading is done. You'll receive detailed report usually 5-6 pages long. In case of cancellations, please contact me within 24 hours after the purchase. After that no refunds  are possible as I started my work on your reading.


Part of this reading is also a clearing work, which I will do on your behalf, which can also include a property clearing, if necessary. You will receive a homework - clearing work of your Akashic records, to clear any blocks and restrictions whicha are preventing you from having the best possible life experience. Homework will be in form of affirmations which are read out loud for 21 days in row. 

I can also present you the reading face-to-face, we can connect through Zoom, Skype or Messenger.. You will receive all in writing no matter if  you choose to connect online or not. 


Akashic records are an energetic database which holds every information about your soul since the soul's creation, and all choices that you have ever made. It provides information who you are at soul level, your life lessons, specialization, your current choices and past life issues including soul contracts, curses, negative astral travel or unjustified karma, you may be carrying and are still affecting you today. 


Blessed be


If you are interested in Akashic records and how to learn to read them yourself, you can sign up for a free webinar here:


This service is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a substance for professional advice. You must be 18 years or over to purchase such a reading

Starseed and Divine Soul Blueprint code corruptions reading Soul Realignment™

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