Are you trying to attract a new relationship into your life, or increase your income, but you feel stuck or do not see any progress, even when it seems like you are doing all you can to make it into reality? Do you seem to only attract the opposites of what you wish for? Or do you seem to start a project, only to loose a motivation in the process and ending up where you started over and over again?

This reading is designed for you, who have a clear intention what you want to manifest in life, are not afraid to take an action towards it and are willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to bring your dreams into reality.

You can discover if your intention, anything from a new relationship to a new business venture, is in alignment with your current vibrational state and your divine self-expression. You will also discover if the choices which you are currently undertaking are taking you down the right path towards that intention, which gives you also the opportunity to course correct if needed. This can save you a lots of time and energy along the way. You can get an overview what are the possibilities which may help you to manifest your dreams into reality in the shortest possible timeframe, with least amount of the effort.

I will provide you with information about your divinity and what is the best way for you to manifest your dreams into the material world, from energetic perspective. You get to know your divine gifts, your life-lesson and soul specialization.

In order to access your Akashic records I will furthermore need your full current name, the name given to you at birth, your date and place of birth and your permission that I can enter your Akashic records. I will also need from you a short description of following:

1. intention
2. timeframe
3. experience

My accuracy will depend on how you describe your intention, so be as specific and clear as possible, best in few words. I will also need to know what is the experience or goal you would like to achieve, once you manifest your intention. Just that I know what energetic quality I am looking for. For example happiness, financial freedom, peace, love, freedom etc.

You can put it all in this format: "I want to attract a new relationship into my life (intention) within the next 6 months (timeframe). I want to experience a feeling of being loved and supported (experience)"

This reading is designed to be also an ongoing dialog or coaching, where a possible check-ins every few weeks are possible, especially if you have a long-term goal in mind.

After a purchase I'll contact you within 24 hours for further information about when you can expect the reading to be done. Please allow up to 48 days for such a reading be done. I will send you my findings in PDF-file to your e-mail, after the reading is done. You'll receive detailed report usually few pages long.

~~~~Blessed be ~~

Disclaimer: this reading is for entertainment purpose only. You must be 18 years and over to purchase such a reading.

Reading the Future and shifting your vibration for fastest manifestation results

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