Do you want to know  how you can best manifest what you desire in your life? Do you wonder how can someone else effortlessly manifest the cash they need or the right partner in no time, but you seem to struggle and any action gets you nowhere?


My reading is designed to help you to understand your unique Divine manifesting design, so you can consciously create more of what you desire. 


You will receive information about your soul origination and your divine gifts. You will receive your Manifesting Blueprint "formula" and how are you currently aligning with your actions to it. I will access your Manifesting Blueprint in Akashic records using Soul Realignment™ method. Manifesting Blueprint is held at the 7th-dimensional aspect of your Divine Soul Blueprint, it can be considered a "road map" or a "formula" how you are designed to experience your Divinity best possible. 


I can only access your personal information stored in the Akashic records, with your permission. In order to access your Akashic records, I will need your full current name, your full birth name, you date and place of birth and your permission to access your records. 

I will also need a short description of your intention or what you would like to manifest, best within 3-6 months period. 


After a purchase I'll contact you within 24 hours for further information. I will send you my findings in PDF-file to your e-mail, after the reading is done. You'll receive detailed report usually 1-2 pages long, usually within 48 hours. 


Akashic records are an energetic database which holds every information about your soul since the soul's creation, and all choices that you have ever made. It provides informaton who you are at soul level, your life lessons, specialization, your current choices and past life issues including soul contracts, curses, negative astral travel or unjustified karma, you may be carrying and are still affecting you today. 

Blessed be

If you are interested in Akashic records and how to learn to read them yourself, you can sign up for a free webinar here:

This service is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a substance for professional advice. You must be 18 years or over to purchase such a reading

Reading your Manifesting Blueprint in Akashic records using Soul Realignment™

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