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I am offering you these hand-made large  chakra oils in glass bottles with cork for each energy chakra centre. 
Each bottle is about 7 cm tall and 2 cm wide, and comes in organza bag. Colours, herbs and crystals are beneficial for rebalancing the energy centre, and are helping to stimulate the chakras so they can vibrate properly. 

Each will have a silver chakra charm (size varies accordingly, but they are approximately 2,5 cm in diameter), with corresponding coloured ribbon. Each bottle will consist of herbs, roots or flowers associated with relevant chakra and corresponding crystals and gems to help you to drawn relavant energies to rebalance your chakras. Base oil used is organic almond oil and quality essentail oils.

I will personally reiki charge each bottle before shipping it to you. So if you are buying it as a gift, let me know in advance. 

These oils can be bought individually or as a set of 7, I offer you also a single oil for each chakra with organza bag, a set of oil and beeswax candle (ca 10 cm long) with an organza bag, or a set of oil, candle and a random chakra bracelet with lava beads, excellent for using essential or this kind of oil on in organza bag. 


Set of all 7 chakra oils in a wooden box will come with 7 beeswax candles each about 10 cm long and 1,5 cm thick, and organza bag for each bottle. I will also add a free chakra lava beads bracelet of your choice. Set will come in middle sized treasure box with metal fastening. Box design can vary, but each will measure 12x8x8 cm. 
Little bit about chakras:


Red - Root chakra - it governs our survival needs and if imbalanced root chakra can lead to problems in the legs, immune system or depression


Orange - Sacral chakra - it governs our reproductive needs and our creativity. If blocked it can lead to eating disorders, urinary tract problems, reproductive disorders or emotional imbalances.


Yellow - Solar plexus chakra - it governs our emotions and positive self-control. If this chakra is blocked we tend to feel unworthy and have a low self-esteem. It can cause depression and anxiety. 


Green - Heart chakra - it govens love, compassion and forgiveness of our body’s energy system. If blocked, we tend to feel disconnected and have trouble loving ourselves and others.


Baby blue - Throat chakra - it govens our communication and self-expression. If blocked, it can lead to thyroid problems, codependeny, unclear thoughts, insecurity. We might have trouble expressing ourselves or we speak without thinking. 


Indigo (dark blue) - 3rd eye chakra - it govens our intuition and imagination. If blocked we tend to lack in imagination and intuition resulting in poor decision making and self-deception. Physically it can cause eye/ear problems, headaches, migraines or insomnia.


Light Purple - Crown chakra - it govens our spiritualilty and our ability to connect with the divine. If blocked or closed we feel disconnected spiritually, as though we are living without any direction or purpose. 


Its perfect as a gift for a friend or for yourself.


Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. 


~~~Blessed be~~~


Please note: My spell kits are designed to help you with your inquiry if you have tried all the options available with no success. Do not expect for the spell to work immediately, the success of the spell depends on your intention, energy and willingness you put into it when you perform the ritual. You need to give magic time and space to work. I am only providing you with instructions and material. You are always welcome to contact me for a guidance about how and when to perform it.

Reiki charged chakra healing oils, choose your chakra colour, Gift idea

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  • All my items are hand-made and made out of natural products such as natural beeswax, natural coloring, essential oils or my own grown herbs. I will add man-made charms but I tend to stay close to natural ingredients as much as possible. If you have questions regarding what essential oils or colours are used, don't hesitate to contact me.