This reading is suitable for those who would like to know more about their relationships by reading about hese in Akashic records using Soul Realignment™.


Such a reading is suitable for lovers, life-partners, parent and child, business partners etc. The amount of the information about the other person in question will be influenced by the role they have in your life. If they are directly influencing your life I can access their records, however if they are currently not in your life, meaning you don't have a ongoing contact with the person, the access will be limited.


This reading will provide you with basic soul profile information about  you and the person in question, who you both are on soul level and what combined history you shared or still share. If you shared lifetimes, if you have contracts or shared karma together. It will tell you about your life lessons and what blocks and restrictions are interfering in your life, both in general and also specifically within your relationship.


In order to access your Akashic records I will need following for yourself and the other person in question:
full current name,
the name given at birth,
date and place of birth
a short description of your relationship and your permission that I can enter your Akashic records on your behalf.


Usually you’ll be able to receive such a reading within 2-3 days. You'll receive 4-5 pages long report of my findings in PDF file together with a 21-day homework. Homework is done in order to clear any blocks and restrictions which might be present in your records and are negetively affecting your relationships.


~~~~Blessed be~~~~


Disclaimer: this reading is for entertainment purpose only. You must be 18 years and over to purchase such a reading.

Relationship in-depth reading + clearing of restrictions with Soul Realignment™

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