This reading can shed a light on what is currently affecting you from manifesting what you want in your life.


You might be experiencing many challenges from divorce to broken furniture, financial loss or your children acting out. I will need a short description of what is troubelilng you at the moment, from challenges at work, home, household, family or health. Any challenge will be good, even if they seem to be unrelated at first.


I will tap into Akashic records and see how these are influencing on energetic level, so anything might be significant. May it be trouble with electricity at your home, from trouble sleeping or your children going through a difficult time etc. You name it.


You'll receive a basic soul profile information which will provide you with information about who you are on soul-level and why you might attracting certain situations in your life. I will present you what is currently blocking your best experience and preventing you from moving forward or manifesting what you desire. The blockages can be from this current life, but they might be past lives issues as well. In order to do this reading


I will need following: your full current name, the name given to you at birth, your date and place of birthA description of your current life challenges or difficulties and your permission that I can enter your Akashic records.


After a purchase I'll contact you within 24 hours for further information about when you can expect the reading to be done. Please allow 2-3 days for such a reading be done. I will send you my findings in PDF-file to your e-mail, after the reading is done. You'll receive detailed report usually 5-6 pages long.


Part of this reading is also a clearing work, which I will do on your behalf, which can also include a property clearing, if necessary. You will receive a homework - clearing work of your Akashic records, to clear any blocks and restrictions whicha are preventing you from having the best possible life experience. Homework will be in form of affirmations which are read out loud for 21 days in row.


~~~~Blessed be ~~


Disclaimer: this reading is for entertainment purpose only. You must be 18 years and over to purchase such a reading.

The Life situation and challenges reading + clearing using Soul Realignment™

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