Traditional vigil spell candle petition service. You may choose a 1 or 3-day service from following:


Banishing service can help you to remove blockages, hexes, negativity. 
Road opener service is suitable for clearing blockages towards a new beginning and hope and good luck
Manifesting service can help you with manifesting money prosperity or attracting new relationship
Healing service can help you lifting negativity and sending you more healing loving energy. 
Customized service – let me know what I can help you with


I will need your full current and birth name, your date and place of birth. Also, the intention for the petition and brief description of the area you seek an improvement. You may send me also a picture of the person in question. Please note, I will not perform any spell on your behalf if it requires a negative intention or act of any kind. This service is done only to help you to empower you, and not to influence one's free will in any way. 


I work as I go and feel, so I will choose the type and amount of the candles and herbs, crystals used in the ritual on your behalf.  I use only my own hand-made spell items as offered in my shop. I will anoint the candles with my own anointing oils and prepare appropriate offerings on your behalf as well, depending what deity I will be working with. I do not use a specific deity or do a specific ritual; I do what feels right in the moment of the ritual. 


I will bury any remains on your behalf accordingly to the ritual performed. If needed spell remains from the banishing spells will be buried on the crossroads. I will supply you with a PDF file with before, during and after photos of the ritual, together with my report and a short guidance regarding your inquiry. 


All purchased will be done weekly during these days only:

Money/Career or Relationship petitions are done on Friday
Banishing and protection petitions are done on Saturday
Healing, Growth or Success or any other petitions are done on Sunday.


Exception may occur depending on the time of petition and I may choose to wait on the Next Full Moon or a New Moon, or an upcoming Sabbat. I will contact you within few hours after purchase when you can expect the ritual to be done. 1-day service will be done on the the day regarding the intention as stated above. 3-day service be done as 3 days in row service, starting on the day as stated above.


This service includes spiritual consultation and guidance via Etsy. Recommended done once a month only while blockages or struggles occurs. 


Attention! This is a vigil service so NO product will be mailed to you. It is an ideal service for those who don’t have an opportunity to burn the candles at their own home, or lack appropriate ingredients. I will not sugarcoat my service and the report.  I will always do a divination before starting the ritual to confirm the positive intention and the highest good for the person in question. If otherwise, cancellation of the service may occur. 


To purchase this service, you must be 18 years old and over. This service is not to be substituted for medical, legal or professional advice, but merely serve as guidance. This service is sold for entertainment purposes only. All sales are final, unless cancelled from my side.

Vigil spell candle petition service 1-day or 3-day service

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