I am offering you a hand-made amulet/decoration piece consisting of items representing all elements and  items as charms, herbs and powders, and chant set in a resin, corresponding for the witch ball's purpose. 


Each ball is about 6 cm in diameter, each will be unique. As each is hand-made, some imperfections may occur. There is a partly flat side, so ball can stand without a stand. 


I am offering you a witch ball for gaining protection, healilng, fertility, psychic powers, Angel healing, love, money and Wicca . I also do fairy garden ball, having a little fairy set inside made of clay, surrounded with fresh and dried herbs and flowers. If you need a ball customized in any way, just let me know. Pictures in the listing are for information only, you will receive your own customized ball, designed especially for you. Each ball will be made after the order is placed, please allow about 3 days for the ball to be ready for the shipment.  


The ball can be carried in a purse or used as a decoration. It will be blessed and charged before shipping. Let me know if you need it for someone else, so I can direct my energy towards the person in question. 


If you have any questions, please don't he