Each and one of us have Spirit guide team which is here to assist us, protect us, provides us with information and guidance,  and inspire our creativity. We have ususally between 4-6 guides in our inner circle. We are born with one, then accumulate more through our childhood and teens. They are here to assist us to make choices Spirit guides are usually souls that have incarnated and are familiar with human experience. They are older, more experienced souls, but they are not deceased family members.


With this Spirit guide team reading I will use Soul Realignment™ to tap in Akashic records to you information about your inner spirit guide team.

You'll receive detailed information about each spirit guide on your inner spirit guide team, including who they are and what is their purpose during your lifetime. I might get you also their names or description, their role on the team or how they are trying to connect with you. You may also receive any messsages they are trying to tell you, if that what is needed at this time.


In order to access your records, I will need:


  • your full current name,
  • your full birth name,
  • you date and place of birth
  • and your permission to access your Akashic records.
After a purchase I'll contact you within 24 hours for further information about when you can expect the reading to be done. Please allow 24-48 hours for such a reading be done.
I will send you my findings in PDF-file to your e-mail, after the reading is done. You will ususally receive 5-6 pages long report.


I can also present you the reading face-to-face, we can connect through Zoom, Skype or Messenger. If you prefer to only receive the written information, just let me know.
~~~~Blessed be ~~


Disclaimer: this reading is for entertainment purpose only. You must be 18 years and over to purchase such a reading.

Get to know your Spirit guides using Soul Realignment™

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